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Christmas is such an exciting day although this year im struggling to get into the festive spirit! I remember the good old days when you are a kid circling everything in the Argos catologue that you want. As you get older you seem to get less excited but I will always have our Christmas Day Traditions to look forward to. 

This year we have a puppy called Peanut, if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat you will have seen plenty of pictures of him! He is 5 months old and boy is he energetic. We can’t put our presents under the tree until the night before otherwise it will be a field day for Peanut. 

My Christmas Day Traditions

Presents | As soon as we wake up we open our presents in our pj’s. I don’t know how some people don’t open them until the afternoon! That would drive me insane. 

Breakfast | We always have a bacon or sausage butty, it’s the rule! 

Clothes | On Christmas we always dress nice. I don’t get too dressed up but I like to put on a sparkly top or a cute dress with tights. I love doing my makeup on Christmas Day, this year I am going to try and do gold glitter liner.. wish me luck.

Food | Of course the food is the best part of the day right?! We usually eat around 3-4pm. We usually have two meats as my dad isn’t a lover of turkey!! Im quite fussy with food so I mainly fill my plate with pigs in blankets and my mums roasties! 

Afternoon | After eating my partner comes over, we live separately but he only lives five minutes away. I stay at his half of the week then at home so we always spend Christmas mornings at our own houses then I stay there Christmas night. Hopefully we will be living together next year. He comes over and we open each others presents. Yay more presents!

Games | This is a MUST in our house, we have a family game of monopoly. It gets competitive and the game goes on for hours! This year we always got the game Speak Out, it is hilarious. You basically wear a mouth guard then have to try and say a silly sentence off the card to your partner and you get a point if they get it right. Seriously YouTube Speak Out Game and you will see how funny it is.

Evening | After the games I head over to my partners and see all of his family and get my presents off them. Three lots of presents in one day, go on then! My family all live in Reading so it is only me, my mum and dad up North so it is quite quiet so going to the boys house he has his brothers, mum, gran etc… I miss having a family Christmas.

What are your Christmas Day Traditions?

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