10 Best Eyeliner For Tightlining (Detailed Buyers Guide)

Love the fuller eyes with an effortless, no-makeup look? The tightlining is a trick to make your eyelashes instantly heavy without making an obvious makeup move. Here is the list of 10 best eyeliner for tightlining for 2020 that will make you look diva in a very natural and subtle way possible. Those people would not stop asking about the secret of your instant beauty, and they will never figure it out until you tell them.

If you do not know what the tight-lining is, let me explain. It is a technique of applying eyeliner in a very seamless way that you approach from the water line under the lashes of the upper lid, or you apply on the very top of the lashes and draw a slim line that exactly matches to your natural lash line without making a separate identity.

Let’s move on to our top ten list to guide you through, which product worth your purchase.

10 Best Eyeliner For Tightlining 2020 (Comparison Table)

10 Best Eyeliner For Tightlining 2020 (Buyers Guide)


This luxurious compact style eyeliner is the eyeliner of choice for most of the MUA out there. Laura Marcier is a well-trusted brand that promises to deliver the best quality results every single time. What is the most primary thing that you want in your eyeliner for tight-lining? That it is easy to apply, do not make lumps or grumpy lines on its way. Well, this product promises you everything that the best liner should.

This power formula comes in a cake inside a compact, you can add a few drops of any oil of your choice that suits your skin and does not cause any allergy, mix it up, make a paste and with the help of a fine eyeliner, apply it just above the lash of your upper eye, with a very little pressure. The more pressure you apply the wider the line would get. And walla, there you have it. A beautiful, seamless eyeliner to make you look attractive effortlessly. Here are the reasons why you should be choosing Laura Marcier.


  • It comes in a compact which makes it easy to use.
  • The mirror inside the compact serves well.
  • The formula is allergens free. So if you are having sensitive skin, you should not worry about getting a skin reaction from it.
  • The formulation consists of fine, compressed power which mixes well with the solvent.
  • The liner is smooth in its application, does not leave any lumps or bumps, just a fine, evenly spread eyeliner.
  • Waterproof formula stays put all day long. There is no need to keep looking at the mirrors for the touch-ups, once you are done.


  • You might not be able to purchase it directly from the store, and you might end up ordering it online.


The marker is what we all are good to draw with, right? Stila thought the same and came up with an eyeliner with the tip of the marker for the accuracy as well as the ease, at the same time. The fiber tip is flexible so you can change the width of the liner with even a little change in pressure.

Whether you are aiming for a fine line or a cat-eye, Stila will be your friend in this way. Just hold it in your hand like a pen and apply the liner of your desired shape with great ease. The liquid eyeliner dries out quickly so it will never mess up once perfectly applied. The formula is waterproof, so do not worry that your watery eye will ruin your makeup anyway.

This precision tip is perfect for making cat eyes with a single stroke. You do not have to be professional while using it. Stila makes beauty accessible to everyone in a very prestigious way. Why love Stila? Here are some of the reasons why!


  • It is a long-wear eyeliner, does not wear off easily, lasts all day long for at least 12 – 24 hours.
  • The liner makes a perfect edge and sharp definition.
  • The product is smudge-proof, dries off quickly and does not change the shape no matter what.
  • The marker applicator is easy to hold and easy to use.
  • The applicator glides smoothly without skipping on the eyelid.
  • Even nonprofessionals can use it with great perfection.
  • The liner does not break into cracks after some time.
  • Stila eyeliner is available in different shades to get a variety of looks.


  • This eyeliner is not dermatologically tested, although there is no proven case of allergy with it.


The NARS long-wear eyeliner takes your eye makeup experience to the next level. The liner glides so smoothly over the skin that it does not makes it hard for the liner to make a fine even line without skipping patches. The creamy chalk of this eyeliner pencil rolls over the wrinkled skin, leaving a perfect eyeliner behind.

With every single application, the eyes achieve a rich and bold black color. The eyeliner stays put all day long without giving up touch-ups. You can easily apply the liner at your waterline without having a risk of getting it into your eye.

NARS larger than life delivers the best results even if you are using it for the first time. It minimizes the struggle and maximizes the ease of getting a perfect look. Get ready to magnify your beauty every day with this amazing product.


  • NARS is a brand that is trusted in the delivery of high-quality product delivery. And this pencil eyeliner is the epitome of it.
  • This long-wear pencil is known for its long term stay. It stays put for at least 12 hours without any touch-ups or fresh ups.
  • If you apply the pencil eyeliner on the waterline, the waterproof formula would not let it bleed from the edges.
  • It is available in different shades and colors to suit your demand to achieve a specific look.
  • It is easy to grip and easy to apply.
  • The product is hard to break. The resilient material stays intact in your bag. Just through it in your bag and take away without worrying. It is so convenient and travel-friendly.
  • The creamy texture spreads evenly over the skin without making any breaks in the flow.
  • To achieve the best results with the superfine tip, freeze the pencil before you sharpen it. This trick will provide you a fine tip without losing much of the product.


  • Some people find it expensive over the amount of product applied per use.


To save you from the trouble of sharpening the eye pencil, here comes the Bare Mineral One Fine Line Micro Precision Eyeliner. The chiseled tip is perfect to get all kinds of eyeliners from the very fine barely visible to the bold cat eye makeup look, this liner is an all-rounder. The automatic eyeliner is made with the minerals infused formula, rich in pigment. It delivers perfectly over the primer or concealer.

It never bleeds, do not smudge or fade away. The precision tip is skinnier than ever. It is secured in the plastic container so it does not break off easily. Get the perfect look every time, so effortlessly, with this fine liner by Bare Minerals. The long-lasting formula stays put all day long. The smudge-proof, waterproof formula is what you want for permanent effects for at least 12 hours. The Minerals and natural waxes infused in the eye liner stick makes it smooth and creamy so it glides easily over the skin without tugging or dragging.


  • The Long-lasting formula is famous to stay put all day.
  • This easy to use eyeliner is Smudge-proof, does not bleed, crack or wear off.
  • The eyeliner is waterproof, does not clean up with watery eyes.
  • This amazing formulation is Infused with natural waxes and Minerals for easy application, prevents the bumps, skips, and mishaps.
  • The tip of this eyeliner makes it convenient and easy to use.
  • It comes in a Convenient packaging, put in the bag and go.
  • You can get every kind of eyeliner look with this liner ranging from Superfine to bold eyeliner look.
  • The eyeliner does not give a shiny techy appearance but a Soft matte finish.
  • The precision tip does not break off, stays put for a long period of time.


  • Expensive for the cost per use. Not so economical.
  • Some will say the tip breaks easily, especially in the warm weather.


Forget the slips, skips, gaps and struggle with the new and improved Maybelline New York Hyper Easy liquid eyeliner. This amazing eyeliner comes with the hexagonal flex brush that adjusts exactly with the shape of the eyelid and provides an evenly spread highly pigmented eyeliner whether you want to get the cat-eye look or the fine eyeliner natural makeup look, this fiber tip is perfect for that.

The liquid eyeliner dries quickly, leaving you with the satin finish eyeliner that looks fresh all day long. This long-wear eyeliner stays put all day for about 24 hours or even more. No matter what shape of an eye do you have, this eyeliner will stamp your eye with the rich eyeliner perfectly, every time. You do not need to be professional to get it right. This product is 100% safe for your sensitive eyes or even if you used to wear contact lenses. Love this product for these following reasons:-


  • This Long-wear formula stays up to 24 hours without touch-ups or fresh ups.
  • The professionally designed tip makes it easy to apply and carry.
  • This amazing formula does not smudge or make a mess with your look, stays the way you want it to be.
  • This eyeliner is Highly pigmented, the black is pure black and delivers the best results.
  • No shiny shimmery effects with the eyeliner. You will end up getting a Satin finish.
  • The eyeliner dries up quickly so there is no chance that you will mess up with it.
  • This medically approved eyeliner is designed by Ophthalmologists. So, it is safe for the sensitive eyes or the eyes with contact lenses
  • The eyeliner has a Hexagonal tip with a flex brush which gives you Optimal control over the eyeliner movement against your eyelids.
  • The fiber tip Absorbs friction and fills up the gaps without getting them into the notice.


  • It should be kept horizontal to maintain the flow through the pen, even.


The triangular tip precision eyeliner is the easy to use liquid eyeliner that glides so smoothly, over your eyes whether smooth or wrinkled skin. The water-resistant formula prevents the eyeliner from bleeding or being leaky through the edges.

The liquid sleek liner dries out in place and very quickly with the satin-smooth finish. Whether it is super defined eyeliner or the smoky eyes, you can get all the looks with the same eyeliner. The smudge tool at the back of the cap helps to merge the eyeliner to get the smoky eyes perfectly every single time.

There is a built-in sharpener in the cap of the liner but you would never get a chance to use it because the tip of the liner does not get blunt that easy. Apply once at the start of your day and it will last long almost all day, intact and gorgeous.


  • It comes with a triangular tip and a built-in sharpener in the cap of the pencil.
  • The eyeliner stick is so firm that it does not break easily and you would not need a sharpener for a long period of time.
  • At the same time, the creamy formula makes it easy to glide over the skin surface without applying pressure or without dragging it over the skin.
  • The eyeliner stays put for more than 12 hours. Intact and beautiful.
  • There is a smudge tool at the back of the cap of the pencil to get a smudged, subtle eyeliner for the smokey eyes.
  • It does not blend in with the primer or underlying concealer. The color remains vibrant and sharp, no matter what.
  • This product comes in a variety of beautiful shades and colors. You need to try them all.


  • It does not add value for money. Each application costs a lot more than necessary.


Get yourself a high definition bold colors of eyeliner that is brought to you by Rimmel London in the name of Exaggerate Felt Tip Eyeliner. Bring the bold soul out of you with the richly pigmented eyeliner that delivers black which is true to its name.

The self-retracting, self-sharpening eyeliner does not need any sharpener to keep its tip intact. Get all kinds of eye makeup looks with this magical pencil ranging from cat eye makeup to the smokey eye makeup. Revolutionize your makeup routine with this easy to use, very affordable eyeliner that is in reach of almost everybody.

The creamy formula spreads evenly and beautifully over the lids with great precision and control. It comes in a wide variety, ranging from satin finish to matte and metallic shades, all are deeply pigmented. Here are the points to love the Rimmel eyeliner for;


  • High definition, high precision eye liner.
  • Built in smudge tool and sharpener.
  • Wide variety of shades and colours.
  • Creamy formula that spreads evenly.
  • Long wear formula for the perfect look all day long up to 10 hours at least.
  • Self retracting eye liner, doesn’t need sharpener to keep the edge.


  • In some cases, skin rash or allergy is reported with it.


This 0.1mm fine eyeliner is the CoverGirl Get in Line Active Eyeliner, that delivers the best results with the easy application. The control grip eyeliner can be used with precision. There is the smudge tool at the cap of the eyeliner to give you smoky eye makeup. The liquid eyeliner is easy to apply, evenly spreads and dries out quickly so it makes it smear-proof, smudge-proof. Use the smudge tool quickly after the application of the liner, before it gets dry so you would be able to blend the eyeliner up to the mark.


  • Easy to hold and apply.
  • The long-wear formula lasts up to 10 hours at least.
  • Built-in smudge tool at the cap of the eyeliner.
  • 0.1 mm fine tip eyeliner but can be applied for the wide and bold eyeliner.
  • Dries out quickly.
  • Wash off easily with water and soap.


  • Some times the liner gets too flowy and becomes difficult to handle for being too runny.


The NYX fine eyeliner comes in a traditional eyeliner packaging with a fine felt brush applicator that gives great precision and control over the liner application.

The eyeliner delivers a dark-colored, highly pigmented liquid eyeliner that dries out quickly and becomes permanent, smudge-free and smear-free last all day long baring fairly high resistance of temperature and humidity. This product is highly appreciated among all the rest of the products on the list for being both, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

.The liner delivers what it claims. These are the reason why you should give NYX a try:-


  • The eyeliner lasts all day long.
  • Easy to apply with great precision and accuracy.
  • Delivers the same results every time.
  • This liquid eyeliner dries out quickly without smudging out.
  • This product is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free.
  • The black eyeliner is charcoal black, no hits of brown or burgundy, just pure dark black.
  • Very Economical.


  • This product is not dermatologically approved.


The L’ORÉAL Paris brought to you a very affordable alternate of all your luxurious desires without compromising the high quality. The Infallible liquid eyeliner provides you the easy to use, smudge-free, smear-free eyeliner that applies so easily and dries so quickly that there is no chance that you look gets messed up. The built-in smudger and sharpener keep your eyeliner game on point. The highly pigmented formula comes in 7 different shades to fulfill your desires of getting versatile looks. This amazing product is dermatologically tested and approved for use on sensitive skin.


  • Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Mechanical pencil for precise application.
  • Rich in pigment. Available in 7 different shades.
  • Smudge resistant formula does not mess the look.
  • There is a built-in sharpener and smudger in the cap.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • The fade-proof formula lasts for 24 hours at least.


  • Some people comment that the anti-fade claim does not stand well in sweaty, hot humid weather.

Wrapping It Up!!

Hopefully, you have found this article to be useful and came to know the best eyeliner for tightlining. Moreover, we have recently crafted an article on how to get a smokey eye so don’t forget to have a look at that also.

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