How To Apply Foundation and Concealer Professionally (Pro Tips)

Are you worried about how to apply foundation and concealer professionally? The technique in which you put foundation and concealer on your face is just as important as the foundation and concealer itself. Concealer and Foundation are available in several shades and formulas. We have the best foundation and concealer on the planet; but if you apply unprofessionally, it does more harmful for you than worthy.

The major purpose of foundation and concealer: concealer is used to cover pigmented or darker areas, spots, marks, blemishes on the skin and foundation can cover imperfections and provide your favorite skin. So if you do not apply foundation and concealer professionally then it’s not only harmful but with this, you are also wasting your time. Take it easy no stress I broke down the techniques and steps that will help you to apply foundation and concealer professionally.

What Order in which You Apply Foundation and Concealer?

You need to start applying the foundation first. Using foundation first makes an even base to decrease discoloration, minor blemishes, and overall redness. In only one case in which you used concealer first when you want to cover scarring or blemishes. Otherwise, after your foundation has had time to resolve, you can cover other areas (i.e. hyperpigmentation, acne marks, and under-eye areas) through the concealer.

In case you’re using a powder foundation, you will need to apply concealer first to areas that want more inclusion first and afterward buff on your foundation powder second.

Clean your Skin:

Some of few parts of your bodies that are fully naked all the time, It means that all the dust, grime, and dirt that wings all over the air will most probability land on your face. We all know it: You must wash our faces daily and the reason behind is dust that fell on your faces. Washing our face is important for keeping a solid skin. Since the foundation is the main cosmetics item that goes onto your face, and we will, in general, apply it to our whole face (instead of lipstick or lipstick), if you want to apply foundation professionally then you need to clean your face first before applying the foundation on it.

To ensure you are accurately cleaning your skin, select that facial cleaner which specially designed for your skin (like dry, oily) and that is not full with harsh chemicals, particularly if your skin is sensitive. 

Choosing foundation:

Different types of foundations are available in the market, it is essential to understand what the difference between them is and which one is the best formula for you.

Foundation must be as near to your normal skin tone as much as possible. When you select foundation samples to test, choose the one that seems to match best with your skin, and select the options one shade lighter and one shade darker.

Most cosmetics have numbering structures that help you for making a decision which one is best for your skin. Maximum brands go with figures from 1 to 10 or 10 to 50 by the greater numbers for darker skin.

Choose Right Brush:

If you select a brush rather than the sponge, you need to select the right one. My suggestion is that choose a buffing or a kabuki brush above a paddle brush. It is not easy to blend by a paddle brush if you have not much experience how to use that. The use of a kabuki brush, buffing brush or a flat-top is easy then the paddle brush. So, it’s better if you use these.

When you used the liquid foundation, the brush or sponge you use can be a game-changer for you. According to top makeup specialists, sponges are better rather than the brushes. You have use the sponge for gel as well as cream foundation. You can utilize the sponge for cream just as gel foundation. A beauty sponge is good for your skin not only to build coverage, but it also provides you with a natural finish. However, those people like to use a sponge to make sure the sponge is clean properly.

Moisturize First:

The foundations go better if your skin is exact hydrated. For this, you can select a moisturizing sunscreen, primer or moisturizer that’s good for your skin. You need to choose oil-free moisturizer or primer if your skin is oily. Let the sunscreen, primer, or lotion about 2 to 3 minute before you proceed to go on to the foundation.

Apply foundation on your face:

Dampen your sponge with some makeup spray or water. Now, take a small quantity of foundation onto the back of your hand. Next, picka dime-sizeamount of foundation on your beauty sponge and starting the applying from the center of yourface, and mix it out truly well. This is complete most successfully by utilizing a bouncing or stippling motion. To mix it in smaller areas as under your eyes or around the your nose. The best way of using your hand is a roll and pat motion, by using two fingers. 

Congratulations your foundation is professionally applied on your face no you need to go on the next step that is how to apply concealerproperly.

How to apply concealer Professionally :

  • At the point when the skin is ready and clean for makeup, then apply the face primer to avoid pore-clogging.
  • For non-patchy and even look, blend your concealer with a few drops of loosen.  This will permit making smoother for your skin, which won’t show up excessively inconsistent or dry on the skin.
  • Utilize your fingertips to spread over concealer on your skin. Then again, you can utilize the level of foundation with a brush. If you feel, that the equation is excessively thick, you can apply concealer through the dampened brush.
  • But, when you are using fingers, then it is the best way is that you are using only your ring finger.
  • Make a point to mix concealer on the skin well to stay away from lopsided inclusion.
  • For even and healthy completion, use translucent or dusty powder above on the concealer.
  • You need to sure that balance the concealer on the skin well to avoid not level coverage.

Whether you are frustrating with your dark circles and trying to disappear, there’s a particular method to do it for ultimate victory. We have some techniques for your concealer game. How to put on the concealer professionally when you want to….

Hide your under-eye circles:

 One of my ideal technique’s to hide undesirable dark circles is using foundation first before applying your favourite concealer in under eye. After that, you need to apply concealer in a tapping motion, at that point press it with a concealer Beauty blender or brush. In any case, don’t spread or drag it! It will save your concealer from creasing and caking. I think the best base is key when you know how to apply concealer on your under eyes.

Ensure you apply it on the inner corners of eyes as well.  The last step is that: Bend on a light, an oil-retaining setting powder to set up with the goal that it keeps going throughout the day.

Cover redness from your nose:

No problem of how often we spot concealer here, it never appears to stick and we are sure about that we’re following good company. That is the place set the powder comes in. One 0f my favorite technique is to consistently utilize an oil-engrossing set the powder when you apply concealer on your face. Makeup will in general fall of the nose zone all the more rapidly, especially in allergy season. So you need to ensure the concealer is appropriately set in near of your nose area. In the winter you make sure that moisturize the nose to keep flaking in check…

Cover up scars:

First of all: “Survey what sort of scar it is flat or raised” says Geller. That will figure out what sort of formula you would be using. “If your scar is raised, I generally suggest using lightweight and creamy concealer.” For flat, you need to utilize a thicker. And always remember for both; you need to use a setting powder to retain it in place.

Combination your Foundation and concealer:

When you choose the best concealer and foundation for you, it is perfect to choose the texture you like. Normally, matching formats will in general mix well together, also, various, methods may as well work based on your different need.


You see that there are different types of concealers and foundations and as there method how to apply foundation and concealer professionally. But you have some issue in different zones to cover, or you have perfect skin, applying concealers and foundations is the best method to get your skin looking alive and even.

One of the most significant things to recall before concealers and foundation is to start with a perfect face to guarantee that your makeup will look faultless and decrease your danger of breaking out.

We expect you discovered this guide for applying foundation and concealer valuable.

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