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Beauty Sponges have become a must have over the last few years. It wasn’t until this year i tried one and fell in love with them. Not every sponge works well and some can definitely make your makeup look worse! I have definitely trialed good and bad beauty sponges. I recently tried two sponges from SammyDress and i have to admit i wasn’t sure if i would love or hate them. 

The first sponge i tried is the Candy Color Calabash Shaped Cosmetic Sponge which is a shape i have tried before so i was excited to try it out. The sponge has a hourglass kind of shape with the pointed tip and round base. One thing i love is the range of colours this sponge comes in. I chose the candy pink colour which is so cute! I have tried using this sponge both dry and wet and found each way worked well with different products. When dry it worked well when applying liquid/cream blushers. When the sponge was damp it really worked well applying foundation. It created an even finish which looked natural. The best part? This sponge is only £2.20 at the moment reduced from £4.79.

Next i tried the original style Soft Sponge Cosmetic Tear Drop Sponge which as it says is shaped in the tear drop shape like the original Beauty Blender. This also comes in a wide range of colours, i decided to pick purple. I was quite suprised with how soft this sponge is. I did find this one didn’t expand in water as much as the other sponge but it still works just as well. I find the pointed tip makes it easy to blend concealer or apply powder under the eyes. This is another bargain at £2.16 reduced from £4.79.