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Before I start I just want to say a big thank you to you all as iv reached over 400 followers on bloglovin. I know it might not seem a lot to some people but it does to me and iv got over 9000 page views which is amazing.

Today is all about foundation brushes. Everyone has a brush they love and use every single day without fail. When I was at school 6 years ago (that’s a little bit scary 6 years!) I used to apply foundation with my fingers…yes I know its awful but everyone did back then as you thought it was the best way and thought it looked great infact you ended up applying too much and looking so un-natural. So whats the difference using different brushes?

Left to Right:

Real Technique Stippling Brush | Kabuki Flat End Brush | Real Technique Foundation Brush | kabuki Buffing Brush

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

I had been using this for at least a year and thought it was amazing. It was raved about everywhere and I raved about it too. Until I came across a new brush and realised this Stippling brush wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. A lot of product actually sinks into the brush so you end up using a lot more product than you realise. I found when using a full coverage foundation this brush stopped me getting the full coverage. I wash my brushes on a weekly basis but the bristles of the brush just become separated and to spread out. I would not recommend this brush at all.

Kabuki Flat End Brush

I ordered a makeup brush set from ebay for approx £10 for 10 brushes. With the price being so cheap I didn’t expect great quality at all but I was happily surprised when they arrived. The brushes are so soft and look more expensive than they are. I begun using this for my foundation and noticed a huge difference from using the Real Techniques Stippling brush, I was getting the flawless coverage id been waiting for. This is one of my favourite brushes.

Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Honestly I don’t understand how this is a foundation brush? Its so small and quite firm. It isn’t as soft as normal foundation brushes which makes it hard to blend. I find because of the size this is most suited to applying concealer. Iv used brushes of this similar style just larger than this one and still not loved them.

Kabuki Buffing Brush

I also received this brush in the set of 10 from ebay. I used the flat end brush for a good 6 months then thought id try this one and I have to say it is amazing. This buffing brush is the best foundation brush I have found yet. Its quite large so covers areas well and quickly. I apply foundation as normal then buff it in. I get the flawless look, it doesn’t clog up at all and feels so expensive.

If you want to buy this brush set from ebay its £7.95 & free postage. You get 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes.