How to Use Shimmer Bronzer To Look Amazing

Here we are back with a detailed guide on how to use shimmer bronzer that will make you stand out among people in 2020 and so on. So let’s get started.

We all feel it obligatory to apply sunscreen before going in the sun daily, over and over again, right? But at the same time, we love the sun kissed appearance too. The sun protection makes your face look pale white, washed out and boring. To create more depth and dramatic effect in your makeup look, here we have bronzers, available in a wide range of colours to suit your personality.

Powder-based bronzers are ideal for you, if you like to add a subtle colour to enhance your complexion. It adds a radiant and natural glow to the skin with an additional character to your face. It creates a beautiful contrast to your monotonous face, which makes your face more attractive and appealing to the eye.

Bronzers are available in both variants, matte and shimmer. I personally like shimmer bronzer as it gives you not only the right tint but also an effect of eternal glow. It is available in a wide range of shades of brown, orange, pink and beige. Either it is a subtle natural look or a bold, glamorous look, Shimmer Bronzer covers it all.

Can you use bronzer for contouring? The answer is yes, but only if you know how to do it properly. Contour products are completely different range of cosmetics and it takes a right technique to play with bronzers and get contouring out of it, or you can easily mess it up.

Bronzers are not as much forgiving as any other makeup products and it leaves a small room for errors regarding the proper technique. Even the small mistakes can leave you with an orange looking, muddy complexion with shimmer at all the wrong places. Fortunately, we are here to guide you through, how to apply bronzer like a pro by following few easy steps and get a fabulous look, every day, in no time.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts in the application of shimmer bronzer which can save your time, energy, money and look. Moreover, we have curated a list of best bronzer for medium warm skin so don’t forget to have a look at that as well.


  1. Shimmer or Matte: Pick the Right One.

The most basic step by which can go wrong during the application of bronzer is the wrong selection of product. It is true that the bronzer is available in matte and shimmer but the selection of the category does not depend upon your personal preference but the type of the skin you have. For dry skin, shimmer bronzer works perfectly. Even if you are having normal skin you can apply shimmer bronzer in cold or pleasant whether. The shimmer bronzer will add shine and spark to your complexion.

But in summer or humid environment, on normal or oily skin, the shimmer bronzer will look anything but normal. The sweat will make the shimmer look flop. Switch to matte or satin finish bronzer instead for better finish and subtle look.

If you cannot wear shimmer bronzer but still needs the effect of bronzer with a radiant glow, you can apply highlighter over the prominent parts of the face where the sun hits first, for example, cheekbones, jawline, sides of your forehead, a spine of your nose, etc.

  • Choose Right Brush for Best Results.

The most common mistake in applying bronzer is the wrong selection of brush. Most of the females use kabuki brush which contains tightly packed bristles, take a lot of product while a swipe and applies loads of bronzer in a single stroke which makes the blending very hard.

Instead, use an angled brush or a brush with loosely packed bristles so that it takes up less product and helps you to blend the bronzer evenly and nicely.

  •  Apply Bronzer with Technique.

Be incredibly light-handed, and apply bronzer with a big fluffy brush. Do not apply it all at once. Wear a veil of bronzer, layer by layer, keep on adding and blending the bronzer until you get the right amount of tint. It will give you a sheer, seamless sun-kissed radiant glow without making a visible patch or visible strokes.

Take your time while applying the bronzer, to blend it properly and to use the right amount of tint to avoid a harsh sunburn, patchy appearance of your cheeks.

  • Choose the Right Shade for the Right Occasion.

Bronzers come in different shades ranging from subtle, delicate and natural tints to glamorous and bold tones. Choose the color that is appropriate to the occasion, otherwise you will face a hard time to blend in with others.

If you are going into the sun, for example on the beach or in parks at day time, try to choose shades of coral pinks to light brown depending upon your skin tone.

For the parties or a bold look, you can wear pink, beige or dark brown bronzers. The popping colors are hard to handle and it can mess up your whole makeup look in no time. It takes bravery to wear it on an occasion. But with the right technique and skill, you can get a strong, edgy and bold look and will stand out in the crowd.

For casual wear, you can apply the shades of light pink to orange or brown, again, it depends on your skin tone that which color suits you the best.

  • Follow the Order of Makeup Application.

First of all, prime your face, then apply foundation, concealer, and powder. On top of this base, apply a thin layer of bronzer. Fix the makeup in place by using a fixator or you can apply blush and seal the look with loose setting powder. Brush off the excess of the setting powder and get a long-lasting fabulous look.

Bronzer and blush, both of them do not serve the same purpose; Blush gives a hint of color to the cheeks while the bronzer adds the sun tan effect to give your face an instant multi-dimensional look.


  • Avoid Brush Overloaded with the Product.

The right amount of bronzer can contribute a lot in getting the perfect look. If you apply too much, it gives a harsh patch of burn on your face which can add something to your beauty at all.

Gently wipe the brush on the product and take a little of it at a time, blend it with the underlying foundation base by using a light touch of your hands. Avoid hard rub of the brush against your cheek.

  • Don’t Apply Bronzer in a Rush.

Bronzer is not usually used in the routine makeup because this is one of the steps in the makeup that demands time and patience. No matter how professional you are, you can not apply bronzer in a rush.

First, get to know the structure and features of your face. Assess where you should be applying the bronzer to enhance your bony features along with the sun kissed look.

Usually, the bronzer is applied onto the face by the gentle strokes on the edge of your cheekbones, to get a warm tone to counterbalance the fair, flat or washed off skin. The to and fro strokes can be applied horizontally between the ends of your brows and the hair line. The gentle swipe just below your jaw bone makes your bony features prominent and gives your face more character by the warm tone.

  • Don’t Use the Shade That is Too Dark for Your Skin.

If you are aiming to get a healthy-looking, true to your tone and warm touch of sun, then choose the shimmer bronzer which is maximally 2 tones darker than your skin tone. Not too light to match your skin, then the bronzer would not be able to perform its job.

If the bronzer is too dark for your skin, more than 2 shades darker, then it can make your face look muddy. The complexion of your face will not match with that of your body.

Get to know your skin tone on shade strip and get the bronzer that is one or two shades darker than that. Or as a crude method, you can hold the compact directly against your skin and check if it is one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

  • Don’t Suck Your Cheeks in During Application.

This is often advised by women to suck your cheeks in while applying bronzer as a contour. The aim of this practice is to make your bony features prominent and let your facial bones ‘pop’.

If you overdone the contouring of your face, it will give you a gaunt and jowly look. Try to avoid over sculpting your face. Apply a little hint of everything with light hands, without leaving sharp demarcation areas on your face.


Using bronzers is a tricky step of a makeup routine, as it can make or break the look very easily. But by following the tips that are mentioned above and a little knowledge of the shimmer bronzers provided in this post, with some practice and effort, you can nail the natural, sun-kissed look every time, perfectly.