Best Under Eye Concealer For Over 50

If you are looking for best under eye concealer for over 50 or for your mature skin then we are back with our Top 10 products that are perfect at their job. The most common makeup step that we overlook is applying concealer on the face. There are a variety of concealers available in the market and it is overwhelming to choose one to serve you the best.

The concealer is not that self-explanatory as you might think. It can be applied in various spots to achieve different goals. From covering the panda eyes, fine lines, dark spots, aging spots to the dark circles, blemishes and large pores, concealer covers it all. The concealer is just like foundation, but a bit thicker in consistency and lighter shade than foundation. It is applied to the targeted area on the skin and is blended well with the skin on the edges. Then the foundation is applied to get homogeneous skin textures with the spotless finish.

Here are the best of currently available concealers that perform good quality concealing effects, being easy on your budget.

Best Under Eye Concealer For Over 50 (Comparison Table)

Best Under Eye Concealer For Over 50 (Buyers Guide)


Tarte shape tape concealer is being over the sky since its launched, used and recommended by many makeup artists. There is no need to mention that it’s worth the hype. This amazing formulation has made the whole makeup routine so easy and perfect like it never was. The super thick formula does not dry right away but gives you time to set it completely.

With the medium to full coverage, this concealer maximally covers up the dark circles and dark spots, leaves a little work left for the foundation. The super-blendable texture does not sit there but blends very well with a minimal workout, leaving you without patches and lines. The acne spots, dark circles and patchy area of the face will be all gone with this magical makeup product. When the concealer dries, it does not break into cracks or never ends up in a cakey look.

The tap technology™ helps to make a veil of silk around the eye to completely cover up the dark circles and dark spots. The mango seeds extract and shea butter nourishes the delicate under-eye skin, while the licorice brightens the darker areas. Here are the reasons why to fall for this product.


  • This is the best selling concealer with one sale every 12 seconds.
  • Easy to blend formula stays put for 12-16 hours.
  • It does not flakes out or cracks up to 12 hours minimum.
  • The mango seed extract and shea butter nourish the delicate skin, defying the signs of aging.
  • The licorice Extracts brightens the dark circles and other dark spots on the face.
  • The tap technology ™ makes a thin veil of cover-up over the dark circles by giving the full coverage.
  • Jumbo speed smoother™ wand allows the even application of this magical product without messing around.
  • It efficiently blurs the fine lines and wrinkles, all signs of aging with a single layer of product.
  • It is 100% vegan friendly.


  • This is expensive per use. Not so affordable for daily use.


The creamy concealer by NARS is all you want to cover up the baggy eyes and wrinkles on the go. This easy to apply Concealer is available in so many shades so that you can find the true match for your skin. The applicator makes the concealer easy to spread through the area and the beauty blender will help to blend the product with the skin.

With the right amount of thickness of the product, you will get medium to full coverage without much effort. The product is vegan friendly. It does not take much time to get set and leaves you with no cracks but the effortlessly flawless skin. The Hydrating formula keeps your skin from drying.

The matte finish without any stretching effect. The versatile color range covers all the skin tones and you can find your match easily. For the mature skin, this skin is all you need.


  • The creamy texture is easily blendable and makes even layer with your skin.
  • The amazing concealing effect lasts for 12 to 24 hours.
  • The vast variety of color range provides a true color match for everyone.
  • The thick creamy formula spreads evenly on your skin with the help of an applicator.
  • It does not require much effort to blend in, you can apply it on the go.
  • It defies the signs of aging, wrinkles and fine lines with the single layer of full-coverage formula.
  • The full coverage leaves a little work to do by the overlying foundation.
  • The product is vegan friendly.
  • It hydrates the skin without leaving you with the dry and scaly under-eye skin.


  • The product is not Cruelty-free.
  • You may get skin sensitization if you are having sensitive skin.


Restore your long-lost confidence with the IT cosmetics, BYE BYE Under eye concealer which helps you to rewind your age with a single layer of product over the dark spots, dark circles, aging spots and freckles. The super smooth, creamy texture is easy to apply, convenient to use and does not crease or crack.

The incredible formula lasts all day long with full coverage for at least 12 hours. Glowing radiant effect is achieved by the non-oily, hydrating elements in the formulation that penetrates deep into the skin and prevents the skin from drying and aging under the layers of makeup. It effectively covers up the large pores and limits the sebum secretions to preserve the look with no need for frequent touch-ups.

The convenient packaging allows you to carry it around in your bag. The tube packaging makes it easy for you to apply directly to the face. If you do not have a beauty blender, this formula can easily be applied and blended with the fingertips. Get your skin an instant glam glow with the concealer by IT cosmetics.


  • It provides full coverage for at least 12 to 24 hours.
  • The formula is breathable, does not accentuate the pores.
  • It covers up the large pores and dark spots, effectively.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated and prevents it from drying.
  • The protection of skin from dehydration prevents the further appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It makes the skin plump and healthier to get a smooth crease-free look.
  • The vegan-friendly formula is perfectly suited for your sensitive skin.
  • The creamy texture makes it easy to blend and spread over the targeted areas.


  • The product is not cruelty-free.
  • Some will find the product to be too runny and it may take longer to get dry as compared to other products.


Get rid of stress and fatigue acquired dark circles and natural aging effects with the light weight, seamless veil of perfectly smooth under eye skin by YSL concealer. The flawless product by YSL is a luxury in the marker shaped container. The soft fibre tip of this marker shaped concealer makes it a lot easier to apply.

It is not just a Concealer but is a color corrector and marks eraser. The even application of the product is made possible by the flexible tip of the marker and further blending can be done with the help of the beauty blender or your fingertips, as per your liking. Ruscus and Caffeine in the formula help to combat the signs of fatigue and under-eye dark circles. The powerful antioxidant effect is achieved by vitamin E which helps to keep the skin damage free from free radicals.

The hyaluronic acid in the concealer gives ample hydration to the sensitive under-eye skin that you will notice the gradual disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines with regular use.


  • The lightweight formula is easy to carry on your face even if you do not use make-up very often.
  • The Concealer does not go to waste with the clever makeup dispenser that transfers the amount of product exactly as much as needed.
  • The ruscus and Caffeine in the formula increase the blood circulation to the dark area, resulting in the lightening of those spots with regular use.
  • The hyaluronic acid in this concealer looks in the hydration in the delicate under-eye area.
  • Easily blendable.
  • Available in different shades to truly match your skin.
  • Very effective in covering up the signs of aging.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Sulfates free.
  • Phthalates free.


  • Not cruelty-free.
  • May be out of budget for most of us.


Popular among masses, the Maybelline age rewind concealer delivers all its claims. The sponge precision tip of the concealer delivers lightweight products by simply gliding on to the targeted areas. With the goodness of Goji berry extracts and Haloxyl™, this formula makes the under-eye area bright and radiant in no time.

The winner of Allure 2018 and Spring Beauty Awards, claims to give you the full coverage of dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines, in no time. The thick formula makes a veil of color over the problematic areas and keeps the cover for 12 to 24 hours. The waterproof layer stays put, does not crack, bleed or crease throughout the day.

The instant age rewinder is the best anti-aging tool you can have. The micro corrector brush makes it very easy to cover up dark spots all over the face. It prevents the skin from getting dry or dehydrated and takes care of the delicate under-eye skin.


  • Concentrated, super lightweight formula spreads evenly and dries at a place.
  • Winner of Allure 2018.
  • Winner of Spring Beauty Awards.
  • The micro-precision tip makes the application very easy.
  • It is infused with Goji Berry Extracts and Hyloxyl™.
  • The matte and radiant finish lasts for 12 to 24 hours.
  • The thick formula covers up wrinkles and fine lines effectively, which makes it an instant age rewinding tool.
  • The waterproof formula stays put all day.
  • This anti-aging formula keeps the soft delicate under-eye area from aging or drying.


  • Despite having everything great, this product gets negative marks for not being cruelty-free and vegan. It also contains parabens and sulfates in disguise which brings it to the lower spot in this list.


The multitasking concealer by NARS serves you by correcting, brightening and shaping your face to perfection. You can use this multi-purpose creme concealer to hide the active acne or the acne scar all over the face. With the medium, Buildable coverage can incredibly cover the dark areas and you can add more layers if you want to get more opacity.

The mineral foundation powder tends to match with your skin with its matte finish. Availability in a vast range of shades allows you to get the concealer that is a true match of your skin. The product instantly brightens the skin with a matte finish and radiant glow that lasts all day. It does not get cakey or flaky for at least 16 hours.

If keeps you flawless looking, all day, without any need for further touch-ups. The extra protection to your makeup comes from its characteristic of being waterproof, humidity-proof, sweat-resistant by minimizing the large pores and acting as a barrier between skin and outer world.

If you are having acne or other skin problems, this concealer is for you, dermatologically tested to ensure the safety and keeps you from the exacerbations and side effects. Here are the reasons why to love NARS!


  • This incredible formula provides you flawless appearance with medium coverage of dark circles and dark spots.
  • With the matte finish, you can get the shade that is a true match of your skin.
  • The radiant finish makes the skin look radiant and glowing all day.
  • It effectively covers up fine lines and wrinkles and masks the signs of aging.
  • It claims coverage of at least 16 hours.
  • The product is dermatologically tested, perfect for your problematic skin.
  • It is free from all the harsh ingredients such as paraben, PABA, alcohol, fragrances, and sulfates.
  • It does not accentuate the pores hence is non-comedogenic.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.
  • Perfect for all skin types.



Get the flawless and spotless beauty with the medium buildable coverage by Laura Marcier’s Flawless Fusion concealer. This concealer is available in fair to dark colour range to suit your skin the best. The buildable formula provides you the desired opacity.

Ultra soft, creamy texture spreads quickly and evenly without making patches on your skin. The light weight formula is easy to carry for all day long. The incredible formulation makes the product sweat resistant and water proof for long wear. The concealer locks the look for up to 16 hours. It protects the concealing effect from cracking and creasing.

The convenient applicator makes it easy for you to get an even skin tone and cover wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging with precision and perfection. Get the smooth finish and radiant glow with the matte look of this beautiful concealer, today.


  • Long-wear concealer lasts for up to 16 hours without cracking or creasing.
  • The concealer gives a smooth finish and radiant glow to the skin with a matte effect.
  • The lightweight formula is buildable, to get the desired opacity.
  • It covers up wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and other signs of aging.
  • This incredible formula is waterproof and sweatproof.
  • It provides medium to full coverage.
  • Available in a variety of shades.


  • It contains Sulfates, PABA, EDTA, Paraben and alcohol.
  • Not dermatologically tested.
  • Not approved for sensitive skin.
  • Not fragrance free.
  • Not cruelty free.


Get the natural coverage of your imperfections with Lancome efaceranes under eye concealer for over 50 that can effectively cover all the signs of stress and fatigue. Either you are having dark circles permanently or dark spots. This lightweight formula is buildable and does not form a thick visible layer of product over the skin. Effectively covers the fine line and wrinkles, rewinds signs of aging in no time.

This incredible product is ophthalmologically tested so you do not have to worry about putting it around your eyes.  The long-lasting concealing effect lasts all day for at least 16 hours, without cracking or creasing. Just put it on your face for once and forget it for the rest of the day. It comes in the form of a tube, you can apply the product with the help of your fingertips, sponge or beauty blender.

The convenient packaging makes it easier for you to carry it around, in your bag, and apply wherever you want. Why choose Lancome? Here are the reasons;


  • Long-lasting formula lasting for at least 16 hours.
  • The natural concealing effect of the concealer makes the skin look radiant and glowing without giving you a fake look.
  • The Buildable formula covers up the dark circles and dark spots.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.
  • It effectively covers the signs of stress and fatigue.
  • The color blends with skin perfectly and prevents its cracking and creasing all day long.


  • Not dermatologically tested.
  • Not free from sulphates, phthalates, paraben, PABA.
  • Not free from synthetic Fragrances.
  • Expensive.


Get the flawless skin with the super perfecting concealing effect. The easy to use, multi purpose formula is the best way to cover up all the imperfections in the way of getting the perfect skin. It effectively covers all the dark spots and age spots, helps you to rewind your age with a very little effort.

The twist stick packaging makes it easy to target problematic areas with precision. This amazing product is having light-diffusing technology ™ that reflects light to give your skin a natural glow with the matte finish. The creamy textured concealing formula is enriched with cornflower and chamomile extracts to deeply nourish the skin while giving you flawless skin.

This brand takes great care of your skin as well as animals, hence it is a cruelty-free product, not tested on animals. The formulation is free from harsh ingredients that others might have. Its the best way to correct the complexion of your skin every day by caring your skin utmost, at the same time.


  • Multi-purpose concealer corrects the complexion, contours and highlights the skin with great precision.
  • The light-diffusing technology ™ gives the skin a radiant glow in a matte finish.
  • Infused with the goodness of cornflower extract and chamomile extracts to deeply nourish your skin.
  • The product is cruelty-free, not tested on animals.
  • Gluten friendly.
  • Paraben, SLS free, Gluten free.
  • Tree nut-free.
  • Talc-free, fragrance-free.


The luxurious cushiony, creamy texture of this concealer provides you the smooth texture and matte finish with little effort. For all day long perfection, apply it with the precision tip and blend it all over the dark area and let it sit without creasing and cracking. You do not need any extra touch-ups.

The long-wear formula stays put for at least 12 hours. The waterproof, sweatproof veil of concealer covers up beautifully, all the dark spots, age spots, dark circles, and dark complexion areas. This easy to wear formula does not accentuate the large open pores so, it does not exaggerate acne. Rather, it covers the open pores and makes the skin look even and flawless.


  • The long-lasting formula last for at least 12 hours.
  • The soft, creamy formula applies evenly all over the problematic areas of skin.
  • The noncomedogenic formula is best fitted for acne proof.
  • The waterproof, sweat proof formula stays put for all day long.
  • It provides comfort matte finish.


  • The formula is not sulfates, phthalates, silicates, fragrance, and talc-free.
  • Not vegan friendly.
  • Not cruelty-free.

This list of top 10 Concealers will help you choose the concealer, best suited for your skin and budget. Please leave comments below to let us know your thoughts. Have a great day.