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I know the bloggersphere is always made out to be happy chappy and what not but we all have our little pet peeves or certain things that annoy us about blogging. I love seeing how positive bloggers are towards each other most of the time but there are some things that really get my goat up! I have been blogging nearly two years now and it has flown by and I have loved every minute of it. 

The Same Old

I know products get hyped about and some will run to buy them and you can’t wait to put them on your blog. Sometimes it seems everyone does the same post all at once. Once you have read one or two of them you don’t want to read anymore as it gets very repetitive. In the past few weeks I have seen so many “How To Get The Perfect Flatlay” posts and it gets annoying. Same with Lush hauls, I know I don’t get the hype with Lush but I don’t want to see a Lush haul everyday. Usually if I buy a hyped about or new release I won’t blog about it straight away, I wait for the hype to die down a little and then I will review. 

The “Fame Hungry”

I do my blog as a hobby and that is how it will stay. I understand some people want to make career’s out of it which is fine but when it becomes apparent they are just doing it for the fame. You see they never interact with people or reply to any tweets and just act rude. They comment on blogs but mainly with just their link nothing else…erm did you even read my post or are you just spamming me? It doesn’t take much to use manners and people will love you more if you are polite and interact more. 

Automated DM’s

One word.. EURGH! If I follow you on Twitter it is because I like your profile or your blog and want to follow you so I then don’t want to receive an automated DM saying “Hey..Check Out My Blog”. It is a big turn off and more than likely makes me unfollow you there and then. It is very in personal, I would much rather an actual Tweet which you took time to write not something someone else did for you. 

The Freebie Chasers

I briefly touched upon this in my “Bad Side of PR & How It Benefit’s Your Blog” post as yes we all love a freebie right? But one thing that bugs me is bloggers tweeting asking for PR Requests or for PR/Brands to contact them because they want to do a giveaway. Buy your own giveaway stuff! I love receiving emails from brands asking me if I would like to work with them, it means they have seen me and my blog and are happy with what I do. 

The Drama

Lately I have seen so many bloggers arguing on Twitter over such petty little things. We are all here because of our blogs and all started in the same place. Especially when you see some bloggers insulting the way a blogger looks or what they do on their blog is not fair. We won’t all get along and that is life. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Like me, I don’t read Lush hauls because I get bored of them so why would I keep reading them and commenting saying I don’t like them? Just stay away and out of it. We will all have opinions which we all have to accept and we are all grown up enough to accept and respect others opinions.

Scheduling Tweets

The one thing I hate about blogging.. scheduling tweets. I do a couple and then I am bored. I don’t like doing it but for my blog to be successful I need to do it. Like any job there is always one part of it you don’t like. The thing about scheduled tweets for me is when you go on a bloggers Twitter account and all you see are blog tweets and promoting the blog… nothing personal at all. I like to see bloggers personalities come out on Twitter, I don’t want a 24/7 feed about your blog. I post a blog related tweet around every 2-3 hours as the feed does move quickly. But when it is every half hour it is a bit much.

Some of you may disagree with what I have said but it is just my opinion. Some of you may do these things and that is fine as it is what you want to do but it just isn’t me. 

What are your Blogging Pet Peeves?