Benefit They're Real Eyeliner Review | EmmyWritesAbout

Any product that says it makes winged eyeliner easy is a must for me. I have tried the usual pen shaped eyeliners which i found useless and could never ever get the lines even and the wing just didn’t work at all. So the question is how is the Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner any different?

When I opened the product I was quite intrigued by how it looked as I haven’t seen anything like it before. The tip is on a slight angle as you can see below. It has an ever so slight flexibility to it which makes it perfect for applying the product. In order to get the product you have to slightly twist the pen at the bottom and slowly a small amount comes out at the nib. I usually wipe the little amount of excess off as I made the mistake the first time by using it straight away and there was too much product which then flaked away. So make sure to wipe the excess away. 

I apply it to the lid of my eye first starting at the outer corner slowly pulling it across. Depending on how much or how thick you want it keep going over it. I then do the wing which with this pen is so easy to do! I then join the wing to the lid by dragging the pen across. I do find I have to twist the nib a few times during the whole process but it doesn’t take alot of product at all. Before this I have tried every type of liner and never ever have I been able to create a small wing. 

The colour itself is jet black which is perfect. Moving on to the lasting power…Unbelievable! It sets within seconds, doesn’t smudge all day and stays put. I tried taking this off with baby wipes and it was a pain to remove which is a good thing. I remove this using my Garnier Micellar Water and it comes off without having to keep rubbing it until its red.

Considering I have never been able to successfully do this style of eyeliner I am amazed at how well and easily this actually works. I have used this nearly everyday since buying it a month ago. I will be buying this every time I run out! It retails for £18.50 which does seem alot but for me its worth it especially for us beginners who struggle with winged liner.

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