Makeup Spending Ban Tips & Tricks

Recently i decided to go through all of my makeup and see how much i actually had. I think i shocked myself at how many products i have and the amount which havent even been used yet. Everyone i know says they cant believe how much i buy and how often. I am your typical shopoholic! I go shopping every week without fail and can end up spending a fortune on products. I go with a plan and a list of what i need then i come out with £70 extra worth of things! So i have decided to go on a Makeup Spending Ban for 30 days. 30 days might not seem alot but considering i shop every week on a very large scale a month will be a long time for me. If it goes well i hope to go longer than the 30 days but i dont want to get ahead of myself.

As i mentioned the reason im doing this whole “spending ban” is because i realised how much makeup i actually own and how many products havent been used. I counted some of the products i own and it turned out….

Foundation – 27

Blusher – 38

Primer – 12

Concealer – 16

Please note i have only included the main products and not included any of my bronzers,powders, eye makeup etc…

To some i dont know if that is alot or not but to me 27 foundations is ridiculous and there isnt even two of the same! When i told my mum she couldnt believe im still buying more when i have all that. So from today i am not buying any makeup products at all for 30 days. It will be a struggle! The ban is also on clothes not just makeup so i wanted to do a post to share some of my tips of how i will stick to the ban.

1. Delete any clothes/beauty related apps off your phone. I tend to check them out everyday and see something i want so i buy it as its so easy to do on your phone…too easy!

2. When you receive those emails shouting 20% off or free postage dont even open them just delete them! I get at least 5 or more a day so i am now just deleting them without opening them.

3. As i own so much makeup i am going to be using those products and finding old favourites in the process, just make sure to switch it up now and again so it feels like you are using new products.

4. De Clutter your wardrobe and find items you forgot about and try them in different ways.

5. Work out roughly how much you spend on makeup/clothes on a weekly basis and put that money away each week. This way you will have a good end result and you can use the money for something more productive…A holiday, paying off debts etc…

6. If you really struggle and want to try new products ask friends/family if they have any products they dont use or have a clothes swap. You are still getting the buzz of something new without having to fork out a penny!

7. During the 30 days if you see products you want to try write them down then at the end of the 30 days see which ones you still want.

I hope you found at least one of these tips useful as i know i will be sticking by them and see how i get on after 30 days. Once the 30 days are up i will do another post to let you know how i get on and if i will be doing it for longer. I am also going to do a post on my makeup collection/storage soon.

Have you ever been on a spending ban?