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Ever get bored of where you go to eat and always feel like you go to the same places? Me and my partner decided to google some places and found We Don’t Give A Fork. Of course the name stood out first, I love the name! It is a burger bar but the food looked amazing online and it was near where we were going to go shopping. 

When you walk in it has a rustic feel with wooden features and decor and some wooden booths. It has the bar/order point then two booths, then it has stairs downstairs where they have more booths and some small tables. They have a wide range of choices for burgers and extras.

On the menu you pick what type of meat you want in your burger. There is cheesy beef, buttermilk chicken (fried or grilled), Lamb or Vegan. They do come with different toppings. You then pick what type of cheese you want, they have 9 different cheeses including a vegan option. Next is the sauce, they have 10 to choose from. Lastly is the type of bun. They have Sesame Brioche, Pretzel Bun, Poppy Seed Bun & a Gluten Free Bun. 

The burgers come with fries and you have four options. Regular, Curly, Sweet Potato or mixed fries. You can then pick any extras you want on your burger.

We then picked a couple of sides. I went with halloumi to go on the side and then we got some onion rings. 

You can also pick some of the already put together burgers on the menu which come with a mixture of toppings. You go up to the bar to order and to get your drinks.

I went with the Buttermilk Chicken Grilled with Monterey Jack Cheese and mixed leaves in a poppy seed bun. I got it with regular fries and some halloumi on the side. Holy smoke this was delicious. Probably the best burger I have ever had. I am not joking. The bun was really soft and the chicken was beyond yummy. The chicken came with 4 strips in the burger and it had a slight spice to it. The fries were so good, I am really fussy when it comes to fries but these were good! The halloumi was cooked to perfection. I hate it when alot of places over cook halloumi and you get that burnt taste BUT not here. I got four pieces of halloumi. 

My partner went with the Cheesy Beef with fried onions and monterey jack cheese in a poppy seed bun with regular fries and onion rings on the side. He said this burger was insane. The meat was cooked perfectly. I’m not a fan of fried onions at all but he demolished this! The burgers come on the tray in foil which was a good touch to keep them warm. 

I honestly cannot get over how good this food was. It come to £24 in total which included the burgers, fries each, a drink each, two lots of onion rings and a side of halloumi cheese. My partner even gave them a £5 tip! You know this means it’s good because he never EVER gives a tip. When we were leaving he said we are definitely coming back. 

You can also get take out from here too! We went on a Saturday lunch time and it was busy but not crowded which was nice. The staff were really friendly too. We Don’t Give A Fork is in Preston and if you look online the reviews are all amazing. Facebook has 4.9 stars out of 5 and Trip Adviser has 4.5 out of 5. 

I would give this 5 stars. No this is not a sponsored post at all. We only found this existed by google food places in Preston as we go shopping there and when we saw the reviews we were intrigued. The reviews are true, it is delicious food! I had to share it with you.