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I have started to include more lifestyle posts as well as baking and beauty on my blog. My blog is still 80% beauty related but I enjoy talking about things that I’ve done or experiences I have had. I was looking through photo’s on my laptop and thought I would share places I have been lucky enough to visit and what they were like. Im not someone that goes abroad every year but I have been lucky enough to visit some incredible places. 

Some of the holidays I don’t have great photo’s for as they were 8-10 years ago plus I hated how I looked then as I was a teenager. My first ever holiday abroad was to Malta but I was in high school and I don’t remember much from the holiday apart from getting third degree burns on my arm which scarred for many years. Lets move onto the holidays I do remember and ones I really enjoyed.


I went to Paphos in Cyprus with my parents and it is a holiday I will always remember. Cyprus is such a beautiful place to visit. They have some lovely beaches but have plenty more to do. They have a big waterpark and one of the days we went on this jeep safari which was hilarious. You didn’t feel safe in the jeep at all but you got to see views from the highest point of Cyprus, visit more religious places and stop off at different places for food. You can walk about outside of the resorts and get around easy on buses. We also went to the most stunning waterfall as you can see above. 

I didn’t have any photo’s on my laptop as it was a long time ago so I took a picture of some from my album.


Me, my mum and my sister all went to Cuba. My sister used to work for Virgin so we would get great discounts. Our Cuba trip consisted of two parts. We stayed in a very traditional old style place for one night to break up the journey then we travelled to the more tourist area and stayed for a week. The traditional area was scary, I mean there were police walking around with guns, the women would give you dirty looks and one of the locals told us it was because the women don’t like tourists taking they’re men! We ordered food and it came out with raw strips of Chicken!! 

The second area which was for tourists was stunning. Whilst here you couldn’t go out of the resort on your own so we stayed in the resort. The beaches are unbelievable. I would stand in the ocean and it was clear, you could see all these fish swimming around you, it was a surreal experience. 

The funniest part was the coconut above! Me and my sister went off to get drinks and there was a table with these on and your drank from them. We picked one up and off we went, our hotel was all inclusive. We couldn’t understand why the person was looking at us so funny. Until later we found out you were supposed to pay for them!


I have to admit I never thought I would love Mallorca as much as I did. Me and Ashley went here and had such a fun time. Our hotel was on the edge of a cliff and from our room you could see down into a small beach cove that looked stunning. It was peaceful and we were a short 10 minute walk from cute little bars and restaurants. Whilst we were here we went to watch Dolphins, one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. They also have a huge water park, this is where my embarrassing moment happened. You can read all about it in my 3 Embarrassing Moments In My Life Post. We went to a dolphin show which was incredible to see.

If you want a fun holiday I would 100% recommend here. It is affordable and you can choose which type of area you want. We didn’t want somewhere too lively so stayed in the middle where we had the best of both. For some reason I can’t find pictures *cries* but this is a magnet I brought back with me and this is the cove I was on about.


This is one place I had always wanted to visit so me and my sister went together. She is eight years older than me and she moved back down south so we have never been too close and disagree alot. This holiday was fab. The beaches again are incredible like Cuba and also you can’t leave the resort on your own because it isn’t safe. We stayed on the resort apart from one evening we went to a club with some other guests. I always went scuba diving at the resort, It has to be one of the best things I have ever done! I am not a great swimmer at all but the people you go out with guide you and help.

In Jamaica, the resorts have alot of night life and day time fun as you can’t go out so they make up for it inside. The food was so yummy too!


When you think of Ibiza you think party central but me and Ashley stayed in a small location around 20-30 minutes from the nightlife area. The first picture is the small cove beach area at our hotel. The area consisted of four hotels, two bars and the beach so it was lovely and peaceful. They had an Irish bar which was so much fun! We travelled to the main Ibiza nightlife location during the day and wandered around, had food and sunbathed but the beach wasn’t anything like the one above near our hotel. It just felt dirty. I am so glad we stayed further out and got the gorgeous beach. 

We then did a night excursion back into the main city to see the famous sunset. As you can see above everyone crowds onto the rocks and waits for the sunset, it was one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen. We sat there for quite a while but it was so relaxing watching the sunset. They say this is the best view to see it and they were right! We also went to another waterpark here. It shows Ibiza isn’t just the party life you think of, I would 100% recommend staying like we did twenty minutes out as you get a whole new outlook.

New York

It has always been a dream to one day visit New York and in November me and Ashley went. We booked it to celebrate me starting to recover from my reconstruction surgery on my leg. The trip was amazing but we couldn’t do everything due to my leg so we will be going back in the future once I am able to walk more. It is true it is the city that never sleeps. Shopping and Sight Seeing is all you will do, plus eat everything in sight! 

You can see my full post with plenty of pictures and places we went in my New York Sight Seeing Post.

The one place I really want to go is Disney Land in the US, it is a dream but for a City Break Lucy has really made me want to to go Barcelona after reading her Top Four Ways To Spend An Evening in Barcelona!

Where have you been on holiday that you loved?