My Weekly Blogging Routine/Organization | Blog Tips |

One of my aims this year was to become organised with my blog from blog posts to spreadsheets and more. I have finally got into a routine that works well for me and gives me more free time to myself to do other things. Alot of work goes into blogging and it can be a bit overwhelming to get everything done. Since getting into a routine and having spare time to myself I have found I am more motivated when it comes to my blog and keeping it organised. 

Monday & Saturday – Content

At the moment I have 3 weeks of blog posts typed and scheduled ready to post. I find having them done in advance takes so much pressure off. I used to type blog posts the day before it would go live. 3 weeks of posts is 9 blog posts as I post 3 times a week. The way I manage to do this is to take my blog photo’s in bulk and have backup photo’s incase my mind goes blank. I have folders set up on my laptop that include Bulk Posts, Product Reviews, Blog Tips and PR. This way I can see what topics I have photo’s for and content ready to type. Some days I can type 5-6 posts and other days I just do one or two. 

Tuesday – Admin & SEO

Spreadsheets – I have spreadsheets for so many different things and one of them is for my blog posts. I write down what I think I want to post and then once the post is scheduled and done I colour block it so I know it is done. I also have a column listed with all PR posts needed to be done so it reminds me when they need doing by and I fit them in where needed. 

Emails – I catch up on my emails as often as I can but once a week I go through and delete any spam, move pr emails I’ve finished with into a done folder and reply to any I need to reply to. 

SEO – I will set aside a day once every two weeks to work on my blogs SEO. One of the things I ensure to do every two weeks is my blogs broken links. This way I keep on top of it and by doing it often I don’t have many. Broken links highly impact your blogs SEO/DA Score so it is important to keep on top of them. I did a post on How To Fix Your Broken Links in a step by step guide.

Once a month I try to go through a couple of my old blog posts and update them. I find doing a couple a month is easy enough and doesn’t take up too much time. 

I recently did a recipe post on how to make the delicious sugar biscuits in my photo above! Check out my Easy Sugar Biscuits Recipe Post Here.

Wednesday – Photo Day – Tweet Day

At the moment I live with my parents Sunday Night – Thurs Morning then I stay at my partners the rest of the week. Having Peanut our puppy makes it hard to do photo’s so I tend to do them on a day when other people are in the house so I can literally spend around 5 hours taking photos. I will take so many photo’s of different angles then it gives me a wind range to choose from. When I take photo’s I take them for the blog post, one for Instagram and the a vertical image for Pinterest.

I make a list of the photo’s I want to take and then make my way through it. I categorize the list by Bulk Posts, Product Reviews and Swatches. Having photo’s in bulk saves you so much time and takes alot of pressure off. 

After taking photo’s I will Schedule Tweets. I schedule tweets twice a week on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. I schedule basic ones for Bloglovin, Blog Posts and some Social Media ones.

Thursday – Me Time

I tend to leave Thursday’s free as this is when I like to have me time usually doing my Gel Nails and then I will also catch up on any Custom Blog Header Orders I have. 

Friday – Plan & Update

Spreadsheets – I have a few spreadsheets set up and I keep them pretty basic. It is just easier to see what I need and keep organised. My spreadsheets include:

As I mentioned spreadsheets have become my life. I have spreadsheets for:

1. Blog Posts

2. Monthly Blog Statistics which includes popular posts, total views, pr posts, keywords etc…

3. Expenses incoming’s and outgoing’s. 

4. PR Products Received. 

Comments – I reply to all of my blog comments that have been left during the week. I reply to every single comment as I appreciate anyone who leaves me a comment.

Once those are done I enjoy my Friday evenings and stay Laptop free!

Sunday – Chill Out & Catch Up

Who wants to work on a Sunday! Me and my partner usually have a chill out day before I go home later that day. He usually starts at 3am on a Monday so he goes to bed early Sunday Night. Sunday evenings are my time to:

Read Blogs – This is my time to relax and read blog posts I have saved on Bloglovin or ones I have print screened from Twitter or Instagram. If I see a post on Twitter or Instagram I like I will print screen it then it will remind me to read it.