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I was naughty… I placed a Sephora order but in my defense I did also order some Christmas presents. I did get some extra products when I placed the order but I can’t show them in the post as the 3 people I bought them for all read my blog! I can show you everything I picked up for me though. Some products I have tried before and stocked up but most of them are new ones which I was so excited to try. 

When you order from Sephora if your order is £75 or over then shipping is only £6 to the UK then it adds on the taxes/customs when you checkout so you don’t get a slip in the post. It adds on 20% of your order total. What amazed me most is how quick my order arrived. I placed it on a Friday evening around 10pm and it was here the Wednesday!! 

Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer | $14 | Link

When I went to New York last year I picked up one of these to try and fell in love. The formula is incredible and I loved how light the shades went. I decided to order the same shade I had tried before and also a new shade. Above they look like the same shade due to the lighting but they are different. Buttercream is a neutral shade and Meringue has a pink undertone. I haven’t swatched yet as I will be doing a separate review soon!

Sephora Limited Edition Winter Flush Blush Palette | $16 | Link

As soon as I saw this on the website I knew I needed it in my life! How stunning is it! You get 4 pans, each include a small shimmer section then a matte section. You can use them separately or mix them together. I have been using this non stop over the past few weeks, the shades are just perfect. Review coming next week with swatches!

Tarte Pro Glow To Go | $23 | Link

Now Courtney from LashesandLuxe has made me want this highlight and contour palette for so long, she raves about it all the time. When it arrives I was in love instantly. The packaging is stunning! The shades are beyond beautiful. It has a champagne highlight, pale gold highlight and a contour shade. I will have a review and swatches up next month! 

Tarte Limited Edition Overexposed Highlighting Set | $14 (value $25) | Link

This set is gorgeous! It has a small powder highlight and a liquid highlighter. The shades are a gorgeous pearly gold. I am obsessed! It is such a good value too!

Sephora Sleeping Masks | $4 each | Link

When I went to New York last year I picked up a few of the Green Tea ones and oh my it is my favourite mask EVER! These little sizes are deceiving, out of one packet I can get 4 uses out of it! You only need a small amount to cover your face. They are gel masks and feel incredible on the skin. The Green Tea one is extremely cooling and soothing. I picked up other ones too but I did order around 5 of the green tea ones too! 

Sephora Cream Liquid Lipstick | $14 | Link

I keep hearing good things about these so I decided to pick a couple up. I honestly may have found my favourite liquid lipstick formula. I find most liquid lipsticks drying but these aren’t at all. I will be swatching in a blog post soon!

Sephora XXL Nude Gloss | $12 | Link

How cute is the packaging! I love this gloss, it is a perfect brown nude that isn’t sticky in texture at all. It tingles slightly when you apply then it feels so comfortable to wear.

I am so happy with everything I picked up and can’t wait to give the other products I got for Christmas presents. I will definitely be ordering from Sephora again. Some items on the website don’t ship to the UK but most of them do. It does usually tell you when you go to checkout.