Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer Review | EmmyWritesAbout

As soon as I saw Too Faced launch the Peaches and Cream range the Sweetie Pie Bronzer intrigued me. I adore Too Faced Bronzers and find the formula amazing so I really wanted to try the Sweetie Pie one. I had seen many mixed reviews when the bronzer launched and couldn’t make my mind up. I left it a few months but it still called my name. When I went into the new Too Faced Shop on Carnaby Street in London they have this range in store, unfortunately it is the only place you can buy this range in the UK. It isn’t online apart from the main Too Faced Website. I am hoping it will become available online at Debenhams. 

I absolutely adore the packaging of this range and everything smells incredible as always with Too Faced products. They are my favourite brand when it comes to packaging. The bronzer comes in a sturdy compact with gold detail and the peach design on the front. It feels alot more luxurious than the original Chocolate Soleil Bronzer packaging, although Too Faced have re branded them which has now been launched. 

The bronzer is unlike many bronzers, It has a mix of three shades. There is a pale pink, a bronze and a pale shimmer. On the bronze strips it does have a thin strip of gold shimmer. It is the shimmer that put me off buying it as I really don’t like shimmer in my bronzer. I then watched a couple of YouTube videos on this bronzer and alot of people said after the first one to two uses the shimmer disappears. 

They were right. After the first one to two uses the main shimmer disappears and instead you get a gorgeous natural glow. I have always been about a matte finish but this bronzer has completely changed my mind. The glow it gives your skin is stunning, it has a satin finish but doesn’t look too glowy. I find it perfect for everyday use.

I did worry the pink would come through and it might be more like a blush but I was wrong. The pinkness adds an ever so slight hint which makes the bronzer look more of a natural bronze. The shade is definitely suited to fair/light skin tones. If you have a medium to dark skin tone this won’t show up on you. I always struggle to find bronzers that work on my fair skin but this has become a go to product. 

I am so impressed with this bronzer and will definitely re purchase it. It retails for £25.00 like the other bronzers they do. I can see myself reaching for this even more in the summer months. I also did a review of the new Peaches and Cream Cooling Matte Primer.