Topshop Afterglow Highlighter Review and Swatches | EmmyWritesAbout

My highlighter collection has suddenly grown, I have become obsessed with buying them. When I was recently shopping I spotted these highlighters in Top. The rose gold packaging drew me in. I haven’t heard alot about Topshop highlighters but when I swatched it in store my heart skipped a beat. That glow was UNREAL!

Topshop makeup is something I really want to try more of. I used to use a pink blush but they have discontinued it. I love the look of their lipstick shades. The packaging of the highlighter is simple but pretty. This is their limited edition packaging with a clear top and rose gold on the bottom. 

I decided to pick the shade Afterglow which is a gold toned highlight. Most of my highlighters are more icey toned or pink toned so I decided pick something different… this was my way of telling myself I needed it it! The pans are quite large you get of product which is very reasonable. The formula when swatched isn’t the creamiest as it does feel more of a powder formula but when applied onto the skin it doesn’t look dry at all. It has an almost wet look once applied. 

I am quite picky when it comes to highlighters as I don’t like it when they have big chunks of glitter in but this one has the smallest amount of glitter. The colour is absolutely stunning. It is a gorgeous pale gold which works perfectly on my pale skin. I find it hard to find a gold highlighter that works on my fair skin. It lasts all day on my skin and doesn’t fade. 

They retail for £12.00 but they also do a wide range of different highlighter shades in different packaging. I definitely want to pick up some more shades.

Have You Tried Topshop Makeup?