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Anyone who has read my blog or follows me on Instagram knows how much of a foundation junkie I am. My collection has recently been de cluttered but I still own around 25 foundations. I just love going on the hunt for that perfect base. I do have firm favourites but always love trying out new ones to see how they compare. If you look on my Instagram I first purchased this foundation when it was first released back in September 2017. It seems alot more people have tried it out this year due to some YouTube hype. 

If you came to me three years ago I would only mainly use higher end foundations and barely had any drugstore ones in my collection but over the last few years the drugstore have released some incredible products and I definitely think the quality of drugstore products are improving. Maybelline launched their new Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation, well re launched. They used to have one before this called Super Stay but this one has a slightly different formula.  Firstly the packaging is so much better. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump! 

The foundation includes twelve shades which is average for drugstore foundations but this range is better than most as it does include some extra pale shades and then some good ones for dark skin. I do think the US have around 16 shades but they have different shade names to what we have which doesn’t make sense. I used to struggle with the old formula as the shades were so dark. I am very pale and have a pink/neutral undertone and can actually find my perfect shade for once. 

The shades do get a little confusing as 05 Light Beige is the lightest shade and 10 Ivory is the next one up but it is a alot dark and more beige whereas 05 is very pale. The names could do with switching. If you order online I definitely wouldn’t go by the shade names. 

What Maybelline Say:

Full Coverage Foundation delivers 24 hour wear for concentrated coverage and a flawless finish that doesn’t fade or shift all day.

The consistency is not runny nor is it thick. If you tilt your hand it will start to run down but not overly quickly. When a product says it is full coverage I am dubious as I have tried so many foundations that state to be full coverage but really they are medium. I either go for a light-medium base or full on full coverage. If like me you tend to apply quite alot of product this will give you maximum full coverage covering EVERYTHING. You can also apply less product and sheer it out with a sponge to get medium coverage. You definitely won’t get light coverage with this. 

I suffer with dark circles, slight discoloration and breaking scarring and this can definitely cover all of that. Even though it can be very full coverage I don’t find it feels heavy on the skin. My dark circles can be extremely dark but if I apply my Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector and then this foundation I don’t even need concealer which is amazing. I have to use concealer everyday usually. 

I always set my makeup with powder and once I do this foundation makes my skin look flawless! My skin is extremely oily around my nose and chin and then usually normal everywhere else. Sometimes my skin changes to combination and I get some dry patches. I am not joking when I say this foundation works wonders for oily skin. I always use it with the Too Faced Primed & Peachy Mattifying Primer. This duo makes my makeup last all day, I mean more than 10 hours! I usually always have to touch up with powder at least once a day but when I wear this combination I never need to touch up. It stays flawless all day long, it doesn’t go patchy or anything. When my skin is dry it doesn’t cling more than any other foundation, of course you can still see which areas are dry but it doesn’t look bad. I think if you just had dry skin only I would stay away from this. I do think it is more suited to oily/combination skin types.

It does dry matte/semi matte, it doesn’t dry down so it feels heavy and it definitely feels comfortable to wear. I find even when you build this foundation up it never looks cakey. I definitely prefer applying it with a sponge as I find it blends it out seamlessly.

This foundation has completely given me hope the drugstore can do some of the best fuller coverage foundations. The Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Foundation is an absolute must, especially when it retails for £9.99. 

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