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We all see new or old makeup launches and instantly think I won’t be buying that. I enjoy reading other bloggers posts like these to see why the products don’t interest them or what puts them off. Some of these people have gone crazy for but I have my reasons for not wanting to splash my cash on them. 

Fenty Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo | £28.00 – I haven’t tried anything from the Fenty Beauty Range yet, to be honest nothing screamed at me. These new shades which I think are limited edition really don’t do anything for me, I think the shades look super unflattering even in swatches.

Benefit Hello Happy Foundation | £25.50 – Now I haven’t purchased anything from Benefit in a while even though I love some of their products. Their latest launch is this foundation but it is extremely light coverage which is why I won’t be purchasing it. I love a medium or full coverage. I really don’t like the packaging of this either, squeezy tubes in shapes like this make it hard to get the last bits of product out. Other squeezy tubes you can cut to get it out but this one you can’t so you end up wasting so much product.

MaxFactor Miracle Glow Duo Highlighter (cream) | £10.99 – I used to buy MaxFactor products alot years ago but now I barely buy anything. I think the brand looks a little dated and the products don’t stand out. This duo is ok, I swatched it and it wasn’t wow or anything different unfortunately. I do still love their Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation.

Crayola Makeup | £9-£25 – I am going to try and be polite but what the hell is this range?! I don’t get it at all, the shades are all odd, the prices are ridiculous for CRAYOLA! It looks like its for kids but the cheapest product is £9. I can’t even with this range. 

Becca Be A Light Face Palette | £35.00 – Don’t get me wrong this palette looks pretty, the packaging and layout is gorgeous. Every swatch or YouTube tutorial I have watched about this, the shades look average, nothing new, nothing different and just basic. Im not buying a product when I have so many shades similar.

Too Faced Unicorn Tears Holographic Bronzer | £25.00 – Too Faced is my favourite brand by far, I love all of their ranges but this bronzer doesn’t do it for me one bit. The bronzer and highlighter shade individually look pretty but when blended they create this weird ashy shade that has shimmer. 

Jeffree Star Thirsty Eye Shadow Palette | £45.00 – Now this palette looks gorgeous, the shades are different and look perfect for Summer so why won’t I buy it? Because of the Jeffree himself, I can’t support someone who did and said so many things. People change yes but personally I can’t support him, I don’t mind others who do and wouldn’t tell them not to buy his products but I just won’t buy them myself.

Nars Orgasm Range | £20-£30 – I love Nars but this range is just too sheer and too shimmery for me. I do want to try the orgasm blush but the rest of the range isn’t for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette | £43.00 – I love my nudes and warm tones and this palette is pretty but again it isn’t different enough for me. I probably have these shades in other palettes. I do have the Subculture palette and love it, the shades are different and definitely worth the money. Now the new Norvina palette looks like a palette I need from them!

Do you have any products you won’t be purchasing?

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