Drugstore Bronzer's Best and Worst | EmmyWritesAbout

Bronzer is something i use everyday but i dont actually own alot of them. I usually tend to stick to one that i like and keep buying it. I have different bronzers for different techniques. I have my all over face bronzers and ones i use to contour with. One thing i hate when it comes to a bronzer is ones that have shimmer in them! I cannot stand them and how they look. I dont want to look like a glitter ball every time i turn. I dont see many posts about bronzers so i decided i would do my best and worst.

Elf Contouring Blush & Bronzer Duo in “Fiji” | £3.95

Elf is one of my favourite brands, the quality is amazing and the price is even better. I do love the bronzer in this kit as it isn’t too dark and it is matte. Perfect for contouring!

KIKO Bronzer Powder “honey beige” | £9.90

Kiko is a brand everyone needs to try. Its kind of between drugstore and high end. There are only 5 stores in the uk but you can also buy online which is a uk based website. I picked up this bronzer not knowing what to expect but i love it. It feels lovely on my skin and it is so easy to blend. It is great to use all over my face to give me a slight glow.

The Body Shop Honey Bronzing Powder in “Medium Matte” | £13.00

Over the last 6 months this bronzer has been raved about so many times. I honestly dont understand what the hype is all about. I have tried using this a few times and it just isn’t for me. I hate the way it goes onto my skin and i find the shade itself is pretty poor and takes alot to get any colour from it. 

Soap & Glory Solar Powder | £11.00

Iv had this one quite a while but for the past few months its been sitting in my draw. I decided to bring it back out a few weeks ago. I love this one, i use it all over for a nice subtle glow and it looks lovely. It works perfectly if i have fake tanned. When first using it i didnt use it all over as it had a slight shimmer but once it has been used a few times that disappears and it becomes more matte.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder | £7.99

This was another bronzer i bought after reading good reviews and i also loved the packaging. I am really disappointed with this product. I find it takes forever to get any of it to come onto my bronzer brush and is really hard to apply well. I have tried different brushes but still no luck. Not worth a buy at all.

What is your favourite bronzer?