Teapigs Tea Review | EmmyWritesAbout

What’s better than a brew? A brew solves everything. Since going dairy free last year green tea’s have become my go to but I easily get bored. Then I saw Teapigs on Twitter when I saw Alex from Xandra Rose mention them. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and I was intrigued. They do a mixture of Green Tea, White Tea and Flavoured Tea. I decided to order three and see how I got on before ordering more.

After I ordered them I actually noticed some supermarkets stock a small range from Teapigs. They are affordable and you can buy tester kits with 3 teabags in or buy the full size for around £5-8. I ordered:

Popcorn Tea

Snooze Tea

Silver Tips White Tea

The Popcorn Tea is a strange one, I don’t like it. I like so many different flavours of tea but this one has a weird taste. It is kind of like a strong, very strong taste. I thought it might of had a little sweetness to it but it doesn’t. Luckily I enjoyed the other two but I definitely won’t be repurchasing this one.

The Snooze Tea I absolutely love. I struggle to get to sleep, my anxiety goes into overdrive and I lay there over thinking everything then I wake up exhausted as I barely got any sleep. I love having the snooze tea about half an hour before I am going to sleep. It has a blend of of apple, lavender and chamomile. I find since having a cup of this every night before bed I am falling to sleep much easier and feel more refreshed in the mornings.

Lastly I picked up the Silver Tips White Tea. I have never heard of a white tea before and I was intrigued. It has an unusual taste but it really nice. You can have this with just boiling water or you can add half boiling then iced water with a cucumber. It is refreshing but also relaxes you. It comes out a clear colour. 

I really like the different teas you can get and the prices are very affordable. Don’t forget to check out Alexs Post on Which Teapigs She Got as she got different ones to me. Next on my list is the Chocolate Mint Tea, Jelly and Ice Cream Tea and the Apple and Cinnamon ones!