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When I was younger I drank alot, went out alot but now I barely drink. Even though I don’t drink I do still look back and laugh and some of the memories I have and definitely cringe at others! We all have those embarrassing memories but they are what makes us grow as a person. This is not me promoting drinking at all, as I said I barely drink now but I thought why the hell not write down some of the crazy ass **** I did. I think of my blog as a place to look back on and reflect on so why not share some memories. I have previously done a post all about 3 Embarrassing Moments In My Life… all none drink related but definitely embarrassing. 

The Teenager “I think i’m cool but I’m an idiot stage” – As a teenager I wasn’t well behaved and did things I shouldn’t. One of those things was of course drinking when I shouldn’t. I remember my mum and sister coming to pick me up, I got in the car acting all cool (well I thought I was) then went into the local shop with them for my mum to turn round and ask why I had odd trainers on. I had no idea, I know I definitely went out with a matching pair on. The next day a friend messaged me saying she had my other and we must of swapped. Well my parents weren’t impressed and I got my phone took off me. Sad times. 

The Ladybug – Ok it was my 18th Birthday, I dressed up as a ladybird with wings, the headband with ears and little tutu. I went out with a group of friends then don’t remember anything. My mum loved filling me in the next day. She said it was around 5am and she could hear something, she woke up opened the front door and found me and my friend (who was dressed as a sailor) laying in a bush in our front garden. 

Happy 18th To Me!

Knocked Out – This one definitely isn’t a good memory. We were out having a laugh it was a good night. Then someone I knew who I was friends with punched my in the head when they had gone to hit this guy but the guy moved. It knocked me out and I ended up going to hospital. Well we aren’t friends anymore!

Kebab – The best part of going out and drinking was the food at the end of the night. I would either go for a pizza and cheesy chips or a kebab. Junk food = perfection after drink haha. We all got in the taxi and had a few stops between us. I was in the middle, I went in my purse to realise I had no money left… Oops so I am there offering the taxi driver my kebab now my friends in the back wet themselves thinking I meant something else but I honestly meant my food. Unlucky for him he didn’t accept it. More for me!

Usain Bolt – Me and my boyfriend went to Ibiza. We stayed on the outskirts not in the party bit but we did go to the party bit sometimes. Near our resort was an Irish bar and it was hilarious. We drank so much and in the morning we remembered we thought we were Usain Bolt although we weren’t sure until we looked on the camera and found pictures of us doing the Usain Bolt pose and the others of us trying to spring (I can sprint for the life of me). 

Coming Home With Money – No I didn’t rob a bank. I was skint, it wasn’t payday and I only had £15 to my name so of course I went out. I woke up in the morning with £30 waheyy. I don’t know how but hey it lasted me till payday and I had a good night.

Polish Accent Time – This one my friends and mum never let me live it down. We went out for a friends birthday it was around 8.30pm then the next thing I remember is waking up in my bed at home very confused as I was supposed to be staying at my friends house. I walk downstairs with my hair like a birds nest still in the clothes from the night before looking at my parents. My mum laughed, my dad not so much. They told me I had gone out and by 10.30pm my friend had to ring my boyfriend to come and get me because I was way too drunk and stood talking polish to a doorman who wouldn’t let me in BUT I can’t talk polish but the doorman really thought I was and so did my friends. I must have a hidden talent haha. My boyfriend got me had me for about an hour then had to ring my mum because he couldn’t handle me. My mum said when my dad was carrying me out to the car I started talking polish again and she said it was really good. 

And that is the end of embarrassing myself! The pictures are awful and cringe worthy but hey hoy the joys of life hahaha.

Moral of the story? Know your limits!