What Happened In March

Another month done and the weather is still acting like Winter is here! Seriously though the weather has been shocking during March. I had so many things planned in March and it has ended up being a nightmare. I am glad to see the back of March and saying hello to April. Some good things did happened and so did some bad things.

We had planned to go to Glasgow the first weekend in March and then all that snow decided to come and our trains got cancelled all of that weekend. We have managed to get a refund on the train tickets and the hotel are letting us re arrange. We have re booked to go the end of April.

Then I also had my next appointment for my neck booked. It was going to see if I needed more injections or if I could now be referred for laser work. I got a call a few days before the appointment and they cancelled it due to “a meeting that afternoon”. I was so annoyed as the appointments get booked up 8 weeks in advance as the plastic surgeon only does a few clinics a week. My neck has ruined my confidence and I constantly cover it up so having to wait for another appointment really got me down. I have it re booked during April so I’m hoping we can get things moving again. 

But onto the good, I got a hair cut! I got 4-5 inches cut off my hair! Now this is major for me. My hair was dry from bleaching and I wanted every single dry bit cut off so my hair is fully healthy again and now im 5 inches less of hair. At first I wasn’t sure and couldn’t decide if I liked it. Now I have figured out to style it slightly different to my long hair I like it so much better. My hair feels so much healthier and looks better too. I think I might grow about another inch and then keep it around that length. 

During March we ate at an old favourite, a Chinese in The Trafford Center in Manchester. It’s called Yang Sing Cathay and the food is so good! I have been going there for 9 years!! Every time we go to the Trafford Center we always go to this Chinese. I 100% recommend the pork meat spring rolls, they are heaven. It is upstairs near the end where Boots is. 

We then also found a new favourite. We Don’t Give A Fork (I recently did a full review). It is a burger bar and the food is that good we went two weekends in a row! We like our food haha. 

Then at the end of the month I had a day out shopping in Liverpool with my oldest friend, we have been friends since we were four! We both have busy lives and it was so good to catch up. 

The Funny Part

We were driving following the maps on our phone and we ended up taking a wrong turn which added twenty minutes onto the journey then we got into Liverpool and went wrong again! We ended up on the toll road and had to pay to get out, the woman asked if we were lost because we seemed confused. We told her where we wanted to go and she said we needed to go back through the toll road but they won’t charge us again as we had took a wrong turn haha. Eventually we found where to park and finally got shopping! We may not be the smartest sparks haha.

She brought her little girl and we had such a fun day. I had never been to Liverpool today and was so impressed with their shops. I mainly picked up a few bits in Primark. 

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I have such a busy month in April from Birthdays, to trips away to events. I am so excited to share it all with you. Lets hope it all goes to plan this time!