Gel Nails In Less Than 10 Minutes | GELLED Led Nail Kit Review* | EmmyWritesAbout

I am the type of girl who always has her nails done. It is just something that always makes me feel better. I taught myself how to do my own gel nails at home which definitely saved me alot of money but it definitely takes time. So when i was asked to try out the GELLED Led Nail Kit i couldn’t say yes quick enough. The GELLED LED Nail Kit is my new favourite thing!

With this kit you can create Gel Nails at home in under 10 minutes! I have to admit at first i wondered how this was different to the normal way of gel nails which can take upto 1 hour. Well this kit includes a hand held nail lamp which can be plugged into your laptop or computer with the USB lead or you can use batteries. This is definitely something i have never heard of before so i was super excited to try it out.

What does the kit include? Well you get the hand held nail lamp, nail file, 30 foil wraps, 1 Cuticle Stick, Red Gel Polish and a Nude Gel Polish. You also get step by step instructions so it makes it really easy. I picked to start with the Nude Gel Polish. Before you start make sure you nails are clean and buff with the buffer provided and push back all cuticles. 

The best part about the process is no base coat or top coat is needed! You apply a thin layer of polish and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds until dry. Then apply a second coat and repeat the 60 seconds in the nail lamp. Guess what? That’s it! Yes that is all you need to do and you are left with a glossy gel set of nails. I am so impressed with how easy this is and how it can be done in under 10 minutes! With the lamp being connected by a USB to your laptop or with batteries it means this is perfect if you are on the go, on the train, needed nails done quickly, it is the most perfect kit! 

I have had this polish on for just over a week now and not one single chip! You do have to excuse my short horrible nails but it goes to show this polish really does last well. You can also use this kit on false nail tips if you want longer nails. You can buy these polishes in sets of 3 including Pastels, Party and Neon. The Nude and Red shades included in this kit you can buy those as single products. 

This kit retails for £59.95 but is currently on offer for £39.95 which is such a bargain. The kit is definitely high end and i can see why people will love it. If you would love to check out this kit and other polish shades available CLICK HERE to view.