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It has been a while since I have done an update on my life and this is the first time in 3 years I can say things are looking up. If you have read my blog before or follow me on social media you will know 3 years ago I had an accident and had to have surgery where I have been housebound and not mobile for a solid 2 and a half years. This month I can officially say things are looking up for a few reasons.

I never thought I would miss out on 3 years of my twenties. Three years ago I had an accident which resulted in me needing reconstruction surgery on my leg. Not only did I have that issue but I also had severe nerve damage which meant the operation couldn’t be done straight away. If they did and cut the nerve it could of left me paralysed. Once my nerve damage was under control I had the reconstruction surgery on my leg which will be two years ago later this month. I wasn’t able to walk prior to my operation and after the surgery was not easy. I was bed bound for months, I couldn’t even lift myself up or do anything. Being sat in bed for months is soul destroying. I then was in a wheelchair and then finally began learning how to walk again. 

It took a weekly physio session using many techniques and one was using a Anti Gravity Treadmill.. you are on a treadmill that has a large clear bag cover that goes tight on your waist. Most footballers use this and that is how they recover so quick. Not many hospitals have this but I was lucky my surgery was at a specialist hospital not my local one. I finally got onto crutches after months. I wasn’t able to walk as I could barely move let alone walk. 

Now two years after my surgery I am walking on my own. My leg still isn’t fully recovered and will take a long time. I can’t bend my leg fully, I can’t kneel on the floor and they said due to the damage I will never be able to stand on the spot for too long without being in agony. 

I also had to have surgery on my neck last September due to having lumps in my neck plus thyroid issue’s. When I woke up I felt disgusted. The scar is big and right across the front of my neck, they said the scar ended up being bigger than advised due to the size of the lump. People stare at me and some have even made comments which make my confidence even lower. I try to hide it constantly and I hate how I look but in time I hope I can get used to it.

Life Looking Up Reason One

I had the most incredible news last week.. I got a job!! I applied for the job but I worried people will look at my accident and how long I have been out of work and dismiss me but I got an interview 3 days after applying for the job. I went to the interview which I felt went well but I didn’t think I got the job. I got a call 3 days later. There were two positions available one was to cover maternity for 1 year but the other was permanent. I got offered the maternity cover which I was happy with but two days later I got another call saying they had finished interviews and would like to offer me the permanent role instead!!!

I was beyond shocked!!

This definitely boosted my confidence and I can’t wait to get my life back. The job is perfect, it is an office job which is what I am used to but the location is 10 minutes from where I live so will be perfect for my leg and recovery. I will be starting in a couple of weeks.

Life Looking Up Reason Two

8 weeks ago I started with a Personal Trainer. She is one of my partners mums friends who has just qualified and amazingly for the first 6 weeks she was only charging £5 for an hour session and it is now £10 for an hour session. She is incredible. She understands about my leg, hips and back and has helped me massively. Not being mobile for two and a half years took my confidence and made me feel disgusting with how I looked. She has helped me build the strength in my leg which has reduced the amount of pain I am in. I have nearly lost 2 inches of swelling off my knee! My knee is triple the size of my good knee and again it knocks my confidence. 

Last week was the first week I felt fully confident and managed to do the session without as many breaks as usual. She has made me feel good about myself. Luckily it is in a tiny gym which is usually quiet when we go. I am going to carry on her with even when I start my new job and do one evening a week with her. 

Things To Look Forward To

I am so excited to get my life back and be me, the person I want to be. Now me and my partner can save up for a house and have the life we deserve. We will be booking to go back to New York again for next October which I cannot wait for!!

I will also be meeting my incredible blogging girl Dena from TheDenaEdit. Me and Dena have been speaking for well over a year and pretty much spoke everyday. She has been there for me through my recovery and become such a close friend. We even get each other birthday and Christmas presents as our birthdays are only a few days apart. Next month we will be meeting and having a good shopping day!

I can’t explain how happy I am and I am excited for the future. I just want to say a big thank you to any of you who have supported me, I have become such good friends with so many fab girls lately through blogging and it means the world to me. Also thank you to all of you who read and follow me blog! I actually set up my blog after my accident to keep me motivated and to give me something to do and it has been amazing.