Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer Review | EmmyWritesAbout

Too Faced is by far one of my favourite brands. They always bring out incredible products and every detail is perfect from the product to the packaging to the scent. My collection is growing but my favourite products are 100% the Bronzers, Sketch Marker Liner and the Chocolate Melted Lipstick. For years I have repurchased the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer but earlier this year I picked up the Sun Bunny Bronzer after hearing good things. 

The bronzer comes packaged in a hard plastic compact in a gold colour and it also has a large mirror inside. I find this so handy for when I keep products in my bag as it saves me having to carry a mirror too. The Sun Bunny Bronzer is different to the Chocolate Soleil ones as it is split into two. One side is your matte softer lighter shade and the other side has a slightly shimmery darker bronzer. 

Now if you read my blog you will know how much I hate a bronzer with shimmer but this one is different. In the pan the darker shade looks shimmery but when applied to the skin it just gives a luminous finish not a shimmery one. I have quite pale skin, I usually use the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer which is perfect for my skin tone. It isn’t too cool or too warm. The Sun Bunny Bronzer is slightly warmer in colour but as it has the lighter more neutral side as well it balances it out so it looks perfect on my skin tone. 

I definitely use it on the days I want a more tanned look to my skin. I adore the luminous finish it gives without it being too much. I have oily/combination skin so have to be careful when I use products that create a glow. I always get compliments when I wear this bronzer.

I love both the Milk Chocolate Soleil and Sun Bunny Bronzer for different reasons. If you are extremely pale I would recommend the Milk Chocolate one as the colour is beyond perfect and looks good for the natural days but can be built up too. The Milk Chocolate one is more matte. The Sun Bunny Bronzer is good if you want a little more warmth and a glow.

They retail for £25.00 each and they honestly last so long. I have only just hit pan on the Milk Chocolate one and I have been using this one round a year! I honestly cannot recommend them enough.