Lime Crime Pocket Candy Eyeshadow Palette Review | EmmyWritesAbout

If you are a 90s kid this packaging will bring back plenty of memories for you! If you remember Polly Pockets you were a kid in the right era. I was obsessed with them and when I saw Limecrime were releasing 3 Pocket Candy Eyeshadow Palettes I was super excited. To be honest I think I was more excited about the packaging than the shades at first. This collaboration is so cute and the three palettes available are gorgeous. They also have a yellow and pink one available. Each palette has a mix of unique shades. Part of me was purchasing this for the packaging but I also wanted to make sure I picked a palette with shades that I don’t really have in my collection and ones I could experiment with more… Well that is me trying to justify buying this palette! The packaging is the cutest and 100% like a Polly Pocket, they are bulky but not heavy at all.

Look how pretty it is! I know the shades aren’t for everyone and they aren’t my usual day to day shades but I was drawn to how different they were. They also do more warm toned and mauve shades in the other palettes if you want something you can use day to day. I thought this one would be quite fun to use especially in Spring and Summer.

The palette consists of 5 shades:

Warm toned pale brown that has a matte finishBrighter purple with a satin finish, this reflects different in different lightsPeach shimmer with hints of goldPale pink shimmerBright baby blue with a gorgeous shimmerAll of the shades feel incredibly smooth and blend perfectly. I love using the brown all over my lid for a basic everyday look. The peachy gold is also another favourite which I love using all over my lid with the brown in the crease.The blue shade looks stunning as an inner corner shade or under the bottom lash line to make a look pop. I need to play around with the purple more as I have never really used purple shadows but this shade is too unique not to use. The pale pink is very pretty and a simple shimmer, this looks so girly on.

I’ll give you a second to carry on staring at those swatches… look how stunning they are! For once I can say I own a palette with shades that I don’t own in any of my other palettes. I am so happy I choose the Bubblegum one. They retail for £27.00 which is a little pricey but Limecrime are a high end brand. Then of course you usually find collaborations add onto the price.Once I swatched the shades I realised they were worth the £27. The formula, the pigmentation, the packaging, everything is perfect. Below you can see what the other two palettes look like which are definitely your more everyday kind of shades. I am still very tempted by the Pink Lemonade (yellow palette) one.

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