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Now i have been blogging for a year i definitely have found websites that i stick to and use on a regular basis. As you know im doing my Top 6 Series and this week it is my Top 6 Website’s For Bloggers. 

#1 – Editing Photos

When it comes to blogging i don’t edit my photos that much as i don’t think its right to edit your photos to make them something their not. I usually either crop my photos or slightly up the brightness and that is it. If you do more that’s fine this is just my personal opinion. 

PicMonkey – This is one of my favourite sites. You can do so much from creating collages, editing photos, create blog headers and more. I create my own blog headers as i love to be created and most of them i have done on PicMonkey. You can upgrade and pay for more on PicMonkey but i find the free bits are fine.

BeFunky – Again pretty much the same as PicMonkey. I kind of go between the two sites. Both have some different fonts and some different options.

#2 Layout/Design

I love my blog and love creating my own little space. Since starting my blog i have been on long term sick from my job due to a major knee operation from a car accident. Due to this i am not able to spend a fortune so its good to find alternatives.

Etsy –  I am obsessed with this site. Etsy has hundreds of blog designs starting from £2 upwards. Some sellers will customize them to what you want and they are all very helpful over email if you want to make any changes. Etsy is also a great place if you want to buy header designs or social media buttons etc… Etsy is your place especially if your on a tight budget.

#3 Fonts

Fonts are something i haven’t really thought about until recently and i definitely don’t want to pay for them. 

DaFont – This site has hundreds of free fonts which you easily download onto your laptop/computer and then you can use them as you please. It is great if your creating your own header or fancying a new font on your images and so on.

#4 Blogger Help/Tips

When i first started blogging i new nothing and didn’t know what to do so finding tips is definitely a big help. 

Carrie Loves – This website is amazing! She has tips on how to center headers and sidebars and pretty much anything you want help with is usually on her site somewhere. I have this website bookmarked incase i get stuck with anything.

#5 Social Media

Social Media is a huge part of blogging. Once you know how to make the most out of each platform it makes life so much easier.

Twitter – If you are a new blogger all i can say is Twitter is everything. The main part of twitter for me is the Blogger Chats which happen everyday. No matter what kind of blogger you are there will be a chat for you. I recently did a Blogger Twitter Chats Guide which includes chats, times and everything you need to know. (Link will be left below)

NOTE: All of the mentioned websites in this post are FREE to use