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Im back! It’s been a week since my last blogpost due to moving house and i only got the internet back yesterday. My blog routine will now be back in full force and to start it off i thought i would share my second Halloween look, my Scary Clown Halloween Makeup. I have to admit i am so happy with how this turned out and it is super easy to recreate!

The Base:



White Loose Powder

For this look i kept my base natural like a normal makeup routine. I applied my primer to ensure the makeup stays on longing especially if you are wearing a look like this for a party or night out. I then applied my foundation in one of my paler shades to give a natural skin look. Keep it basic as the rest of the work is all in the eyes and lips.

The Eyes:

Navy Eyeshadow

Black Eyeshadow

Purple Eyeshadow

Grey Eyeshadow

Green or Blue Eyeshadow

Liquid Liner in Black

Cotton Buds

The great thing about the eyes is you don’t have to worry about being neat! I decided i wanted my eyes to have a bruised effect rather than the typical bright clown eyes. I applied a Light Grey eyeshadow as my transition shade and the a Dark Navy all over my lid. Each time i applied a shadow i would blend with my Sigma E40 Blending Brush. Add a Light Purple then a Dark Purple in the crease and outer corners. Each time you apply a shade blend it down and under your eye. Keep repeating this process with all four shades used so far. On the inner corners of your eyes go in with the Dark Purple,Navy and Light Purple shadows. Build up so this is really dark but still showing each shade. Again bring down under your eye. Above my crease i then go back in with the Grey and Navy to blend out. I added a light shade to my brow bone and also Light Blue to create a better affect. 

Under your eyes should imitate the top. I then used a cotton bud using a sweeping motion across the shades under my eye to blend out more. Then wet your cotton bud and carry on the sweeping motion whilst slightly going lower and dragging it down. 

I then used a Black Liner over my brows adding in Black Eyeshadow . Using a Liquid Black Liner starting from the brow upwards to create a line. Whilst the liner is still wet use a cotton bud to drag it further. Following the line from your brow do the exact same for under the eye. 

The Lips:

Red Lipstick

Red Face Paint Crayons

Black Eyeshadow

Purple Eyeshadow

Fake Blood

Begin by lightly drawing an extra long smile line either side of your mouth. I used a Grey Face Paint Crayon. Once the line is created apply your Red Lipstick as normal. I then used the Red Face Paint Crayon going back and forth along the smile lines, blending as i go. Bring the red crayon down smudging it with your finger. The messier the better! Use the Black and Purple Eyeshadow’s in the corners of your lips and gently across the smile lines, don’t forget to blend! 

Now its time for the messy part! Using your Fake Blood i found best to apply onto a sponge and then onto my face, dabbing it in the areas i wanted. Build up bit by bit and then you can go crazy and pour a small amount onto your finger and let it dribble down on from the smile lines. Using some tissue dab ever so slightly on certain areas to create dry blood. 

Psst.. Don’t forget to add a red dot on your nose to finish off the clown look! It does take time to create this look but its an amazing look for Halloween!

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