NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review | EmmyWritesAbout

Foundations are my weakness and I need to stop buying them but here we are again with another new foundation I have been trialing. NYX is a brand I have always loved and they are always launching new products. The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is something I have kept looking at but never purchased until recently. I have read different reviews but wanted to test it out for myself and see if it is worth buying. 

When ordering online I had no idea what shade to go for as they have 30 shades to choose from which is amazing. I finally chose the shade Porcelain which is the third lightest shade but it is a tad too light but once I apply powder etc it all looks better. I think Light Ivory would suit me better.  When it arrived I have to admit the size of the bottle is small! You only get 13ml whereas in most foundations you 30ml! 

On the packaging it says:

2 Drops = Light Coverage

3 Drops = Medium Coverage

4 Drops = Full Coverage

What NYX Say:

Customise your coverage like a pro with our Total Control Drop Foundation. It provides sheer-to-full coverage and a soft matte finish. Use the included glass dropper to fine-tune this velvety-matte formula to your heart’s desire.

I have been testing this foundation out for over a month now and have tried it in different ways using different products. My thoughts…


When applying the product I have tried it with a makeup sponge and also a brush. The best way to get maximum coverage I have found is to apply it with a flat top makeup brush and then go over it with a sponge to get a more flawless base. 


I know the drops on the packaging are just guidelines but I think they are way out. I tried applying a drop on each cheek, one on my forehead and one on my chin. Four drops on the packaging says full coverage but it wasn’t anywhere near. It was definitely medium coverage but you could still see my freckles and if I had any breakouts. I have to apply at least another four to get near full coverage. If I wanted to get full coverage I would have to apply 8 drops every time which would use up the product quickly. Most days I tend to go for a medium coverage.

The Finish

It is definitely a semi matte finish that makes your skin look naturally flawless. It is extremely lightweight and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all. 

Lasting Power

Now when I was reading reviews they were quite mixed on how long this lasted. My skin is combination. I am extremely oily around my nose and chin, I sometimes get dry patches around my chin and then the rest is more normal. I always use the Too Faced Primed & Peachy Mattifying Primer on my nose and then The Ordinary High Adherence Primer over the rest of my face. This combination worked really well with the foundation and kept me completely shine free for over 6 hours. After that I had to touch up a small amount on the outer corners of my nose and then it lasted the rest of the day. I was quite surprised how well it worked. 

Overall I am quite impressed with the formula and lasting power and how it looks on my skin. The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation retails for £14.00 for 13ml which I think is a let down when they sell the High Definition Foundation also for £14.00 but you get 33ml. If you got more product for the price I would re purchase but due to the amount you get and the amount of product you need to get a good coverage I won’t re purchase.