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If you asked me last year would I ever use a stick foundation the answer would of been no. I always think of them being dry but now so many brands are releasing them and I finally picked some up. I have tried and tested three stick foundations from Revolution Makeup, L’Oreal and Tarte to see how they compare and if they are worth a buy. Are stick foundations quicker? Do they look flawless? Is the coverage good? I will let you know everything about all three!

Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick | £5.00 | Link

The cheapest of the three. I love the packaging with the nude and rose gold detail. This one comes in 18 shades. This is the creamiest of the three stick foundations and it has the most coverage right off the bat. I was actually really impressed with the coverage and how well it covered all of my imperfections. It doesn’t cling to dry areas and has a dewy finish. When applying the product it matches my natural casper skin tone really well but when I applied another stripe I noticed the product oxidises at least 1-2 shades darker. I hate it when product oxidise. I am actually really impressed with this product. I find to get it to last on my oily areas I do use the Too Faced Primed & Peachy Primer and the Collection Loose Powder. When using this combination the Revolution Foundation lasted on my skin 8 hours before any shine came through!

L’Oreal Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation | £8.99 | Link

I absolutely love the Infallible range. I really enjoy the liquid foundation, primer and the powder. When I heard they were releasing a stick foundation I was so excited. The range includes 12 shades. The formula does apply creamy but it is matte when dried down. I would say this is the most matte out of the three stick foundations. I find it works really well to control the shine around my nose, I am extremely oily on my nose and chin. It can look a little dry on any dry patches so I would recommend this for oily to combination skin. I tend to use this when I’m not breaking out. The coverage is medium. This lasts a good 8 hours before needing to touch up with powder.

Tarte Clay Stick Foundation | £35.00 | Link

The most expensive of them all. I managed to get this when they had 25% off plus free international shipping so I only paid around £25. The formula is quite creamy and applies beautifully. It has a satin finish and makes your skin look healthy with a natural glow. It doesn’t cling to dry areas and gives an airbrushed look. It is medium coverage but can be built up. This works really well on my oily areas as long as I use a matte primer and powder. It lasts well over 8 hours staying shine free. I think this gives the most naturally looking flawless finish out of the three. This also comes in 12 shades. I try to use this for when I am going out somewhere rather than everyday use due to the price. I think this will work for dry or combination skin types.

In all 3 products you get the same amount of product 9g. I really want to try the Hourglass one but I can’t justify paying over £40 for a foundation stick due to the amount of product you get. 


Revolution – L’Oreal – Tarte

As you can see the Revolution one is alot lighter and more neutral in tone whereas the L’Oreal and Tarte ones have a more pink undertone which suits my skin better. Once the Revolution one oxidises it is more like the L’Oreal shade. Each brand has a mix of pink, yellow and neutral undertones. You can also see the Revolution ones looks alot creamier than the others. 

I am quite enjoying mixing them, I usually add a little of the Revolution one to one of the other two to slightly lighten them but also to add a little more coverage. I find doing this makes it work for my skin.

Overall for my combination skin I love the Tarte one but when my skin is more on the oily side I love the L’Oreal one for everyday use. I have already re purchased the L’Oreal one as I have used it up. I think the Revolution one can definitely work for all skin types if you use the right products with it.