Visiting Winter Wonderland In London | EmmyWritesAbout

Winter Wonderland is something I have always wanted to visit but never had the chance until last weekend. If you didn’t know Winter Wonderland runs from mid November until the beginning of January. It is filled with all the magical Christmas lights along with lots of fun activities. We only booked to go a couple of months ago and just went for the weekend. I am so happy I have finally been. I thought I would do a full review for anyone thinking of going.

We went on a Saturday evening and it was busy so i would recommend going on a weekday. Even though it is open from 10am-10pm I do recommend going when it is dark so you can the full Christmas feeling with all of the lights. Considering we went at around 5pm on a Saturday evening it didn’t take long to get in at all. 

The the park is full of rides, places to drink and lots of stalls. They have a mixture of small rides and they bigger ones for the thrill seekers! We wen’t on one located near the famous arch lights (above) and it was a spinning ride and oh my I have never felt so sick in my life!!

One thing, well the only thing I was disappointed with is the food, not the sweets but the savory food was quite bad. We tried one stall with hot dogs they were bad and we binned them. Then we tried a chicken stall and that wasn’t great. 

We ended up getting a takeaway pizza from Pizza Hut which was only five minutes away. Luckily the sweet foods were yummy and well worth it! 

They have a mixture of food stalls with halloumi fries, waffles, cookie dough, sweets and more!

They have quite a few bars scattered about too. They have one main one which if you have ever watched darts on TV and see everyone singing in the hall that is exactly what it is like, with all of the cheesy songs. Everyone just gets up and sings and dances.

There are extra things you can buy tickets for online which include Ice Skating, Magical Ice Kingdom, Cinderella On Ice, Ice Bar, Christmas Circus and more! There is definitely something for everyone. The main park is free to enter. 

The rides inside vary from £2-£5 per person. Which I thought was quite reasonable as I was expecting it to cost alot more. 

There are some sections all over the park with market stalls, they had some cute Christmas tree decoration ones. You can buy some they will write names on them for you for free which was a nice touch. I bought a giant bauble style which had iconic London places on it and it was only £7 then Ashley got a puppy one with a boxer on top of a big white bone and got his dogs name on it. Other stalls include clothing, food and lots of little trinket style gifts. 

Price wise everything was alot cheaper than I was expecting it to be. Be prepared to take a decent amount with you, if you are planning on doing alot of the rides. They do have cash machines inside but they do charge you £2.95 I think it was. One thing we did find handy was to download the map onto your phone which made it so much easier to figure out where you were as it did get a little confusing.

I would 100% recommend going, it is such a fun place to be and there is so much to do. It was alot bigger than I expected it to be. We entered near the end where Oxford Street area is which was perfect. Shops are open until 10pm and they are pretty quiet! 

It is a good time to go and do some Christmas shopping later on at night when the crowds and gone quiet. 

Have you been before?