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Looking back at 2017 it was a good year blogging for me. I had a rebrand from EmmysBeautyCave to EmmyWritesAbout so I can introduce more baking, lifestyle and the odd fashion post as well as keeping it mainly beauty. I have made so many more blogging friends this year and become close with many of them. I have cut back a little on social media due to now working full time but I am still posting as often on my blog which I am happy about. It is time look back at the goals I set this time and last and to set new ones!

2017 Goals

1. Hit 500,000 Page Views – I actually went over this and reached 636,608 which I really can’t believe. I am so happy!

2. Reach 4000 on Bloglovin – I didn’t reach this one but I haven’t really focused on it the past 6 months.

3. Attend a Blog Event – I didn’t do this due to health reasons as alot has happened BUT I did meet my blogging bestie @TheDenaEdit 

4. Interact More on Facebook – I did this for the first 6 months but it is so hard! I will try harder this year!

5. Be happy with my blog photography – I am happy with my photo’s most of the time, I have taken some new ones for January which I am really happy with.

Social Goals:

Twitter: 6000 (reached 6517)

Bloglovin: 4000 (reached 3655)

Instagram: 4000 (reached 4009, it was higher but damn you Instagram)!

Facebook: 600 (reached 751)

Pinterest: 35,000 (reached 44,060)

I actually went over all of my goals apart from Bloglovin. Instagram has been so hard this year but happy I managed to reach my goal.

BRING ON 2018!!!

2018 Goals

1. Hit 800,000 Page Views

2. Meet more blogging friends

3. Focus more on Facebook and Instagram

4. Create more fashion and travel/lifestyle posts on my blog

Social Goals

Twitter: 8000

Bloglovin: 5000

Instagram: 4500

Facebook: 900

Pinterest: 60,000

Did you hit your goals?