My All Time Favourites | Film, Song, Food & More!

Everyone has an all time favourite don’t they! I was sat thinking about my favourite song and favourite film and thought I would do a blog post of all my random favourite things. I enjoy reading blog posts getting to know the blogger better and thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know me more. 

Favourite Film/s

I have two.. Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been a favourite ever since I was little and I ca watch it countless times. I just love it. My second favourite is Sweet Home Alabama, I just love the storyline and love the quote “Why would you want to marry me anyways… so I can kiss you anytime I want” it is just so cute!

Favourite Food

Pizza, without a doubt pizza. It is simple but I could eat it all day long. Oh and I can’t forgot White Chocolate Dips! I don’t mind the milk chocolate ones but the white ones are incredible. The only place I can find them is B&M. Work got me a full tray of them for my birthday and Ashley has bought me a full tray of 12 before too hahahaa. 

Favourite Song/s

The Fray – How To Save A Life. I adore this song so much, it is one I could listen to non stop and never get bored. 

Jeremih – Down On Me. Ok I LOVE RnB music, it has to be my all time favourite genre but I do also like pop and other types. 

Favourite TV Show

Big Bang Theory without a doubt! I absolutely love this show and watch episodes over and over. If I had to choose an old one it would be One Tree Hill.  

Favourite Makeup Product

Foundation. I own over 30 foundations and can’t stop buying them. I am always on the hunt for the perfect base and get addicted to buying them. 

Favourite Holiday 

New York was incredible and so surreal. There is so much to do and I definitely want to go back. 

Favourite Animal

Penguins! I bloody love them, they are adorable. I love how the waddle haha. I went to feed some penguins for my Birthday last year. 

Favourite Thing To Do

I love going to the zoo, I could sit there all day and watch the animals. I also love just going for a day out even if it is to Blackpool. Just spending a day out with family or my partner is something I love.

Favourite Outfit

Apart from pyjamas haha but no seriously I am usually in an oversized shirt with leggings and chunky boots. I am loving checked shirts at the moment. 

Favourite Time Of The Year

Spring, I like it as it is warm enough not to wear a coat but it isn’t that warm so you don’t melt with the heat. I find I love the outfits I can wear in Spring. Plus all the little lambs are born and are cute to look at.