Five Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery*

Every now and then me and Ashley will do the lottery. We don’t do it every week mainly because we forget but maybe every couple of weeks we will buy a couple of tickets. As they say you have to be in it to win it right? One we often play is the Euro Millions and I always think what would I do/we do if we won. We have all thought it and all dreamed about it… So what would I do if we won?

The Dream House

My first spend would be to buy a house. It is so expensive to buy a house now and the lottery would be a way you could do it. I think a house would be on most people’s lists. I wouldn’t want anything too big but something with a big garden, I want a couple of dogs and would love a house that I would want to be in for the rest of my life.

Have Some Fun

Holidays are something we do often but we don’t do the major expensive ones. I have always wanted to go to Disney Land in the US and also the theme parks in the US, they look incredible! I would also want a more relaxed holiday with a gorgeous beach. I have been to the Caribbean a couple of times and would love to go again. I also want to swim with Dolphins, one day eh!

Help Others

I would love to help my family where I can whether its paying off their mortgage or getting them a new car. My parents have always been there and it would be lovely to treat them one day and repay the favour. Ashley would 100% buy a dream car. He loves his car and he loves a sporty fast car so I know I would want the house and he would want the car. It’s a mans dream isn’t it! 

Treat Myself

Im someone who can treat myself but not to the major excessive expensive items like a luxury designer handbag. I have always said I would love to own just one designer handbag, im not bothered about a collection and im not bothered about designer shoes, it is just the bag for me. 

Start a Business

After the past few years with not being able to work due to my surgeries and not being mobile it has made me want to be successful. I have always worked in admin but I dream of starting my own business. I bake cupcakes and cakes every week, I have loved baking since I was a little girl and I dream of opening up my own shop and making yummy treats!

When I was little I remember I would always find money, £20 notes on the street and the odd £10, my mum always called me lucky. Now I don’t have much luck at all… Like I said the quote is You Have To Be In It To Win It, not just with the lottery but everything in life.

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?