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Im now twenty five, half way through my twenties and I have learned alot. When people say your twenties are the best time of your life Im thinking ok when is this happening? I think in this part of your life is where you learn alot about yourself and alot about others and just life in general. There are some key points I have definitely learned and will always remember.

For me my twenties have been hard, I have kind of missed out on the past three years. For those who don’t know I had a accident nearly three years ago where I wasn’t mobile, I had to have reconstruction surgery on my left left which was a big operation, I was bed bound and in a wheelchair. Had big metal leg braces and couldn’t walk. The past six months I am now finally walking on my own, I can’t walk far, I can’t stand on the spot for longer than a minute and I might never be able to do that again. I can’t bend down, I suffer with alot of leg, hip and back pain. This has put my twenties on hold.

If it wasn’t for my accident then I wouldn’t have started blogging. I started my blog as something to do, I never imagined it would be where it is now and to have made so many friends through it. It has been hard as before all of this I was your typical party girl, out alot and enjoying myself but it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to.

So What Have I Learned…


A big one for me, when you are at school you have all of these friends but once you hit twenty plus you find they start to drift. Some aren’t as supportive, some just sack you off and those people you don’t need in your life. Now I am twenty five I have realised it is so much better to have a handful of good friends you can turn to. For me in blogging Dena and Nikki have both been incredible through my recovery and been there for over a year now!


When you turn twenty you think, yes I’m out of my teens now lets live life. Yes you can live life to the full but I have found the past five years extremely stressful. Money is such a big factor especially for me the past three years it has been hard, especially now. I am starting to look for work but the problem is I am limited, I can’t do shop jobs as I can’t stand up for longer than a minute. Office jobs are what I need. I have always worked in Admin, it is what I am good at and what I enjoy. 

You worry about everything. When I started blogging I was amazed at how many bloggers in the ages 20-30 suffer badly with anxiety and depression. Mine have been bad for a while but now my anxiety is bad due from being house bound for nearly 3 years. 

Go At Your Own Pace

I look at people I went to school with and see alot of them with Children, houses, some still single partying then I look at myself. I know the past three years haven’t been my fault and I couldn’t have done it any other way but I do think im twenty five at home. I spend half my time at my partners and half at home. We are saving for a mortgage hopefully for next year. 

No matter what age you are, stop comparing yourself to others. I know it is hard but everyone is different, everyone’s circumstances are different.

The Adult Stuff

I really think schools should teach teens more about what it is like going into adulthood, not just with jobs but everything like what bills you need to pay and how would you manage them. Key life skills, I think if more of us had, had that we would of been more prepared and been able to handle things alot easier. 

Enjoy It

Life is different from what it was twenty odd years ago, it is now harder to move out. Don’t feel bad if you are still at home. Enjoy it, once you have your own house you won’t be able to do as much. Make time for you and make more effort to go and do things. I am starting to learn that. Last year me and Ashley but a last minute trip to New York, we had always wanted to go and wanted to celebrate me recovering. It wasn’t the best time as I couldn’t walk alot and I was in agony for a long time after but it was worth it. I want to be more spontaneous. 

Be You

Don’t try and fit in with certain people, find out who you are and become the person you feel you should be. I have always been the same, I often get told I can be too outspoken and blunt with people. My family often tell me but then they know that is who I am. I will tell you how I feel. Sometimes I do need to remember to maybe sugar coat it a little but hey I am half way to 50 so I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Do You Think Your Twenties Is The Best Time Of Your Life?