Getting Fit With A Personal Trainer Made Easy* | EmmyWritesAbout

Getting fit is something I want and need to do. Since my surgeries and not being mobile for two years my fitness/strength has decreased alot and I’m not confident enough to go to a gym on my own. I recently found a local Personal Trainer who is just starting out and she understands all my issue’s with my leg and makes programs to suit me.

Getting fit isn’t about loosing weight, although I want to loose a bit of weight I mainly want to become fitted and healthier in myself. When you think of a Personal Trainer, or when I used to think of a Personal Trainer it used to scare me. I thought you had to be this fitness fanatic that was super healthy or they would judge you but that isn’t the case.

You can find a personal trainer in your area quickly and stress free by using Bidvine. Luckily I found my Personal Trainer through my partners family but most people don’t have that option and wouldn’t know where to start. Bidvine makes it all super easy for you. 

You type in your area, if it is just you or someone else, how many times a week you want to do it, what your aim is whether it is to tone, loose weight, if you have any injuries or illnesses, your age and a few more. This makes sure they can find personal trainers best suited to you. They can also work from home, a studio and a gym.

Bidvine then sends your details to anyone they think is relevant and then they will bid on your request to be chosen. 

I have been with my Personal Trainer a few weeks now and I see her once a week. She is based at a small gym that is extremely quiet and makes me feel comfortable. Since my surgeries and not walking it has knocked my confidence massively and she is helping me to build that back up as well as get fit. I honestly can say a Personal Trainer isn’t as scary as you think, they don’t push you so you hate going. They make a plan that suits you, they work out your limits and go from there.

I am not the big gym going type of person but it is nice to have someone who can help give you that boost and motivation.

* This post is a collaborative post and all content/opinions are my own.