Put The SASS in Sassy with #GotSASS Intimate Skincare For Women* | EmmyWritesAbout

Is it only me or does anyone else think SASS is an amazing name for a brand! It is a word that really stands out and hey who doesn’t want to feel sassy?! This post is something different to most of my usual posts but it is something that needs to be talked about more. SASS is a brand that provides every kind of feminine hygiene possible. It might just be me but i have only been aware of the brand femfresh when it comes to our lady parts. 

SASS have done an amazing job at creating a cool and sassy brand that stands out to young girls aswel as the older generation. One thing i loved about SASS is that it states “Always tested by our SASS Sisters and never our pets” 

In the package i received a few samples which came attached to these cute cards which have #GotSASS on them. They make the brand seem so edgy and something everyone needs to try. 

SASS have a wide range of Cleansers, Gels, Shave Gel, Mists, Serum, Cream and more! I have found that each product smells lovely and doesn’t have that “chemical” smell like most feminine hygiene products. The Refreshing Mist is the perfect size to pop in your handbag or travel bag which makes life that little bit easier! Another thing i love is that you wouldn’t know what these products are by looking at them whereas if Femfresh fell out of your bag everyone would know what it is! 

SASS have created a wide range of products suitable for our nether region which have the correct ph balance for our skin. I am so impressed with this brand. SASS is now stocked in Boots!