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Indeed Laboratories is a skincare brand I have heard about but never tried until recently. I wash shocked when I realised they are very affordable,I always assumed it was more on the high end price side. Indeed Lab is a brand that advertises themselves as a no nonsense brand that delivers results and I have to admit I agree!

They have a wide range of products from serums, treatments, exfoliators and more. I recently received the Nanoblur Instant Skin Finisher and the 10Balm. I really like the packaging of the products, it is simply but stands out. My skin has changed alot over the past six months. It used to be an oily mess but it now switches between oily and combination. I get oily around my nose and chin and usually the rest of my face is normal. Now and then I suffer with dry patches on my cheeks.

Indeed Labs Nanoblur Instant Skin Finisher | £19.99 | Link (UK)

I have heard of this product before so I was excited to try it out. What They Say formula changes the way light reflects off skin. Once applied, micro-prisms reflect light in a multitude of directions, creating a smoothing effect on skin similar to a digitally air-brushed photo”.

It can help reduce shine, fine lines and blur pores. The best part? It actually does everything it claims to. I have been trying this out for just over a month now and I am extremely impressed. It feels like a thick moisturiser and blends into the skin effortlessly. It definitely blurs my pores and creates a flawless base. I noticed it dries matte quickly which makes it good for if you are in a rush and want to apply foundation on top quickly. Even though it dries matte it doesn’t feel too matte or drying which is perfect for my skin. 

I even use this on those no makeup days when I want something to smooth out my skin and stop shine coming through.

Indeed Labs 10Balm Soothing Cream | £19.99 | Link

If you have dry, irritated or sensitive skin you will fall in love with this balm. My skin is quite sensitive and as I mentioned earlier I often get dry patches on my cheeks. I have applied this balm each time they have appeared and within a couple of days they have gone. This cream really soothes the skin and keeps it hydrated

I am extremely impressed by Indeed Laboratories and can see why so many people are a fan of the brand and products. Next on my list I really want to try the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask.

You can buy the Indeed Labs Range from the Boots Website or if in the US you can buy it direct from the Indeed Labs Website.

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