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I love trying new brands and finding new products.. who doesn’t?! It isn’t often I try out new skincare products but lately my skin has switched from oily to combination so I am now trying to find a mix of products to help balance out my skin. Skinn is a brand that intrigues me, their motto is “What Counts Is Inside”, they are all about improving your skin inside and out. The Summer Skin and Colour 5 Piece Collection retails for £120.. but is it worth it?

Skinn Hydro-Vital Cream | £29.99

I have two firm favourite products from these products and this cream is one of them. Anyone who has combination or dry skin will fall in love with this. It is a deep moisturising replenishing cream. Every time I apply this to my skin it instantly makes my skin feel hydrated and more awake. It sinks in quickly but still feels refreshing. It has reduced the dryness of my skin alot. I have tried alot of creams but none compare to this one.

Collagenesis Flash Flood Glacial Hydrating Mist | £27.99

Now we move onto my second favourite product! This mist is extremely refreshing. You use it twice a day after cleansing. I find this works really well after having a bath. It instantly refreshes your skin and it feels incredible. I even use this on no makeup days to refresh my skin throughout the day. 

Skinn Collagenesis Stem Rejen Elite Serum | £18.99

This is described as an age delay facial serum. It has an almost moisturiser feel to it and blends into the skin beautifully. It hydrates your skin your well and I’ve noticed my skin looks healthier with a slight glow to it. In the set you actually get two of these so my mum has been trying it out too. She has noticed more of a difference in her skin than me and she absolutely loves it.

Skinn Flushed Palette | £24.99

This palette is pretty and perfect as a travel palette. My favourite shade is the blush, it is a summery pink shade. It then has five eye shadows which you can create a stunning smokey eye look with. 

Personally I prefer all of the skincare items from this set and the best bit is you can buy all of these items individually from the Ideal World Website. 

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