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I have to admit it isn’t very often I get excited over a lip product. I wasn’t a huge fan of the matte lip trend but the satin trend I am fully into. Even though I don’t like matte lips I do still want something that is long wearing and packs a punch. Well this is where Rimmel Stay Satin Liquid Lip Colour Lipsticks come in, they are a new release which did catch my eye. Not only was it the shades but the formula had me intrigued.

“A new liquid lipstick with high-intensity colour, satin finish, and a long-lasting, comfortable wear.

  • A satin liquid lipstick that delivers bold satin colour in one stroke, lasts up to 8 hours
  • The precise applicator glides smoothly across your lips
  • Stay Satin leaves you with an unbelievably lightweight satin finish
  • Comfortable all day wear, that won’t leave your pout feeling dry

The lipstick comes in fourteen shades including nudes, pinks, reds and extra brights. I was quite impressed with the range of nudes in this range.”

They glide on effortlessly and feel buttery and smooth. They provide amazing pigment from the first swipe, you can apply them evenly without applying a lip liner incase you are in a rush but if I have time I will use a liner with them. The texture feels soft, not heavy and easy to move around. I usually apply one to two coats of the product and it dries to a semi matte finish. If you press your lips together you do get a slight tacky feeling like with any satin product but it is not as tacky as a lip gloss. As I wore the product throughout the day I didn’t even feel the product which is a good sign.

When I opened the lipsticks I noticed they had a sweet scent with a vanilla hint, they smell good! Although I did purchase an extra shade myself as I loved the formula that much but wanted one of the other nude shades. I purchased Take A Chill Pill which doesn’t have the same scent as the other ones. At first I was worried it would perform differently to the others as you would expect them all to have the same scent BUT it did work just as well as all of the other shades.

Lasting Power

The lasting power isn’t something I thought would last too long without having to re apply but I was so surprised! I applied this in the morning before work, got to work had a brew, ate my fruit and at lunch time it was still there and not faded. I ate my lunch and touched up a little in the center but it didn’t need doing all over. I found even when I applied more product on it didn’t feel heavy or break up. 

I don’t wear matte liquid lipsticks because they dry out my lips especially in this heat this summer. These lipsticks kept my lips hydrated whilst staying put. 

Shade Range:

The shade range is really good and very varied.For me I always go towards nudes or pinks and this range is perfect. This range includes 14 shades! There are a selection of:

Warm Nudes


Darker Nudes


Bright Pink




 I often struggle to find a perfect nude as they are either too pink or too warm toned. This range has two lighter natural nudes. I received 8 shades and then I purchased one myself because I was obsessed with the formula and wanted another one of the nude shades. That shows how good they are that I went and purchased one. 

My favourite shades are:

As If – This is the palest nude shade which has a very minimal hint of pink but very minimal. As I am quite pale I can’t wear this shade on it’s own as it washes me out a little but when I mix it on top of Shoulder Pads it creates such a stunning shade. I love also using this on top of other lipsticks in the center. 

Take A Chill Pill – This is the shade I purchased after I received the other shades. It is more of a warm toned nude and slightly darker than As If. I can wear this on it’s own, it doesn’t wash me out as it has that warmer tone. I am OBSESSED!

Shoulder Pads – A pretty pink. I don’t like bright pink shades so this is perfect for me. It is more of a muted rose pink, it reminds me of ColourPop Alyssa. I think this would look stunning on all skin tones. 

Rimmel have really impressed me with these lipsticks, the formula is perfect for us non matte lip lovers. They retail for £5.99 and are available in store and online. I found most stores don’t stock all the shades, I had to order Take A Chill Pill online from Superdrug. Most online retailers including Boots, Superdrug and Look Fantastic stock all 14 shades. 

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