Tricks For How To Make Lipstick Stay On When Drinking

We all get disappointed even putting on darker or thicken lipstick, It gets fade anyway while drinking. You always are thinking about how to make lipstick stay on when drinking. On a daily routine, we all need to struggle to get an outfit for work or any other event like friends gathering, wedding or even on a date. Along with choosing an outfit makeup is also an important thing to have but the lipstick needs to be the one that should last longer and give a fresh glance right?

But there is so much than applying lipstick to sustain it for a long day. We have heard a lot to apply lipstick twice or thrice to make your lips settled yet this becomes a hassle sometimes to reapply the lipstick. This is highly important to have a hack or tip to make lipstick stay on when drinking. Here we are going to cover all the hacks you can apply to make your lipstick stay on even while drinking and no worries of reapplying lipstick:

Here are the following tips to get over this problem now and look radiant with the long-lasting lip color!

Tricks For How To Make Lipstick Stay On When Drinking

Readying your lips:

It is important to have smooth lips surface so that lipstick can stay on for a long period and you can drink without being upset about fading your lipstick. For smoothing your lips you need to rub your lips with a cloth or brush making them little wet. You need to put a scrub on your brush or moist cloth to give it the best look.

All you need to do is scrub your lips in a circular direction and get the flawless lips. This is how your lips get smoother and hydrate your lips by using a balm. This step can be done every morning and night so you can have a better result. 

Lipstick primer:

If you wish to make your lipstick stay on for a long time then before putting on lipstick use the best primer which is particularly made for the lips. It will give you a fine and smoother look instantly. So, don’t miss the primer coat it on your lips to give a good look and volume to your lipstick. Otherwise of you will not do that your lipstick will always give you an untidy and incomplete look. Also, your dry lips will not let the lipstick stay on.

And If you do not have the primer then for its replacement one can use the foundation to make your lipstick give the same support as primer do. Another makeup product that is concealer could also be used as a primer. Also, gives the same volume to your lipstick. 

Lip pencil usage:

Putting an extra layer to your lips gives a chance to lipstick to stay on for more time so you don’t need to reapply your lipstick after dinner or a drink. Lip pencil has dry tendency which makes a prominent layer and grip to your lipstick. You need to follow the way of applying the lip pencil if you are wishing to make your lip stay when drinking water or a glass of wine.

Outline the center first and after doing that cover all the edges of your lips. Secondly, you need to fill the lips with the pencil so that when you would apply lipstick after that it would give your lips a great and long-lasting effect. 

Bold colors:

If you love brighter or darker colors then yes you can have your lipstick stay on for many hours. Pigmentation in the darker lipsticks is more than the nude ones. So, why not catch a brighter color this evening for your event, or for work meeting why not? Many nice brands offer very long-lasting lip colors which won’t let you be worried about your lipstick.

Matte natured lipsticks:

We all know there are many types of lipsticks glossy, shining or even matte. And you know that matte lipsticks stay on more than the other types even though lip gloss gives more shine and comfortable look to your lips yet get vanished quickly. Many brands are offering matte lipsticks in enormous colors bright, nude and more to choose. So, grab your favorite matte lipstick if you want this problem to get solved now. 

Grab a Brush to apply lipstick:

Always use a brush to apply your favorite lipstick as pressing your brush on your lips make it more on your lips for a long period rather than slipping your lipstick once. Use it on the whole top and bottom lips and cover it. The main hack behind this is that the brush pushes the lipstick and blends it over the lips more than the lipstick does. 

Using your fingers:

Fingers can also be used to blend instead of a brush. We all have been seeing our granny’s and mothers use their fingers to apply the lipsticks ever wonder why? This is because the heat temperature of your fingers makes the lipstick absorbed on the lips more than applying it by a stick. It is highly easy and you can spread the color more quickly too. 

Puff your lips with a tissue

This is a hack that all makeup artists use to make your lipstick intensely absorbed on your lips. After you apply your lip color, press the tissue in between your lips that will suck up all the extras. After doing so, apply the lip to give it a final touch. This will lock up your lipstick without giving a dry look. 

Setting with a powder:

This is a step you need to use after applying your lipstick to give a final touch. This not only makes a great grip on your lipstick yet provides a neat focus. It will also make it easy for you to drink and eat as much as you can without fussing about your makeup. If you have highly dry lips try not to apply this as this will give you a more dry look. 

5 Stunning Tricks That Will Make Your Lipstick Last All Day:-

There are five stunning tips that will make your red lipstick stay all day. These are below.

1.Exfoliate those lips

Our lips have certainly stay easy and plane, especially through the season when we’re overwhelmed with periodic aridity. Applying a sugar lip bush, like as our preferred Fresh Honey Lip Elegance, will make a hydrated and even outward for at all lipstick to obey to. The mild scrub will healthy away from the unevenness and consent red lips lenient with its acclimatizing elements, which benefits contest post-lipstick aridness far along as well.

2.Use a lip primer or concealer

This is a second step that utmost people prance; however, if you’re severe about getting a blush to stay all day, you want to start through a primer. Primer makes the flattest possible painting for blush and helps bolt down the shade on your red stunning lips for long-lasting apply.

3.Apply lip liner all over

We confirm that this stunning step is not dismissed after now using grammar. It gives an appetizer layer of preparing color that will retain your eyeliner on all dark short of any feathering and flow, which is truly not perfect if you are with a red dark. As an alternative of just liner the external ends of the red lips, apply the perfect lip after liner the outer ends to confirm you’ll come to be that long-lasting shade at all day.

4.Blot and repeat

All lipstick-applying lady identifies the need for staining, no uncertainty near it. However, if the target is set up your pink lip for enduring achievement, it’s the spot and recurrence that materials. Subsequently taking on the first fleece of your pink lipstick utilized a Kleenex tissue to lightly spot the color. Then, put on another coat of your red lipstick, but then NOT in your customary stealing process.

5.Finish with powder

This final step is one more pretend that several ladies prance. With a glowing powder, softly put-down a very tinny dusting over the enflamed lip. It’ll ensure your lipstick before now applied, will stay for the long term. For good ration, spot a final fleece of your red lipstick over the crushed lips for an ending pop of shade and even additional comfort that this red lip is profitable to stay keep all day.


Lipstick is the slightest luxurious and utmost well-known enhancement in the world today. In 1986 lipstick boot sale in the US. There are no precise facts for contemporary sales of lip ointment since the marketplace is intensifying. You can also buy unpolluted aloe Vera balm or fluctuating bang a spray from an aloe bush in your home for this preparation.

 Aloe Vera has comforting and curative possessions, plateful orifices to look their superlative. You must use a few drops of lemon sap, you can also make your lips look as if sunnier and mire off departed skin. Ensure your lips remain split or amazing dry earlier you use this medication, as it can sting and create things not as good as. I hope this article helps you in solving your problem on How To Make Lipstick Stay On When Drinking and if it does then please share your experience in the comment box.