How To Keep Natural Hair From Reverting After Straightening

Therefore, during the fall seasons when the level of humidity is low, many girls change their naturals to straight style. Now the concern is how to keep the natural hair from reverting after straightening?

When we talk about girl’s hair and styles, girls prefer to keep it natural and chemical-free for better and long-lasting hairs. But most of the time girls love to change the styles for a modern look.

Everyone loves chemical-free hairs. However, occasionally, if you want a transitory change; just change your normal look. Throughout the winter and fall, at that time when the moistures are on the air, numerous naturals turn their straightener make straight, smooth hair look.

If you want to keep your straight hair longer then you need to use good techniques and tools to do it yet once you understand the right technique and methods then, it turns to simpler to save your hair straight for the whole day and some of the time much longer than that.

After spending a lot on straightening, you don’t want to relapse it just within a day. Once you have done straightening of your hair, you need to learn how to maintain it until next wash?

Here are a few tips that will help to get a better look and to save from reverting.

Tips On How To Keep Natural Hair From Reverting After Straightening

1. Don’t Prefer the Straighten In Summer:

If you want to get the long-lasting and better results you need to choose the straighten option in the suitable season. Because there is no benefit to do it at the highest summer season when the humidity on peak level.

Therefore, the fall and winter season is suitable for it. Otherwise, the hairs will be frizzy and greasy as soon as the hot wind hits your curls.

2. Ensure your hair is dry

Never fix wet hair except if anyone has a superior sort of straightener that can be utilized on damp hair. That one saves your time in mornings however if anyone has this sort of level straightener, this type of hair flat straightener requires blow dry before you straight it.

By utilizing the blend of some warmth and a level brush, you can moderate waves and style your hair to stay straight for a longer timeframe.

3. Cut The Split Ends:

Split ends are one of the main reasons for reverting. As we all know, these split hairs can turn into curls and rough hair easily. These are also the main reason for fizziness and curls at the ends of hairs.

Therefore, even if you don’t do the straightening you need to cut the split ends once in a month for natural hairs. You will see a good change in your hairs after removing these split ends.

4. Side-Step from Water-Based Stuff:

You can save your naturals hairs from reverting especially after straightening by avoiding the water-based products. It will help to get the fluffy hairs. Because the water-based products are the main reason to revert your straight hairs.

Choose the products with silicon ingredient to save the hairs from breakage and fizziness. On the other side, if you don’t prefer the products then you can use the light and grease-free oils including jojoba and olive oil for better preventions.

5. Avoid Humidity:

After straightening, you may need to avoid the hot showers. If you want to take the hot shower then use the hair cap or shower cap to save it from wetness. On the other hand, if you are a gym freak then you don’t need to stay out of the gym.

However, you need to avoid covering the hairs in case of sweating. Because the hairs will be waterlogged after the workout. Put the hair bands or tie up your hairs until the hairs fully dry.

6. Cover Your Hair:

No doubt, we all know about the head covers and scarfs to wrap up the hairs. I think. It includes in the normal routine of the girls to brush the hairs and cover the hairs with a silk scarf or band.

If you truly need to take advantage of your straightened hair and want hair is going straight for a long period, at that point this advice can defiantly help you. They helped you save your hair straight for 1 to 3 days.

It is one of the best ways to prevent your hairs from reverting after straightening and styling. You need to consider it, especially when there’s any rainfall or you are going to bed for sleep.

7. Shower Cap:

Put on a shower cap in case you’re going for a bath when you don’t want to wash your hair. Cover your hair by way of a shower cap that will keep dampness from sneaking in, which means you have fewer frizzes. A shower cap helps you when you taking a bath or shower.

8. Choose Anti Reverting Products Wisely:

Most of the girls prefer anti reverting products after straightening. No doubt, it is a good option. But before choosing these products you need to keep in mind the texture and type of your hairs.

In its normal crinkly state, many want a lot of dampness, oils, spreads, and so forth. I discover myself put on a substantial cream or butter more than one time for each week once the hair has come in the crinkly state. But, put on these substantial creams and better to our straightened hair will just heavyweight it and reduce the size of your hair stays straight.

 Rather than thick items, settle on light oil, for example, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil. I put on a dime-sized quantity of oil to my hair day by day to help forestall desiccation without overloading my hair.

A wrong product can destroy your style as well as damage your hair’s texture. Therefore, completely focus on your hair’s type to choose the right product.

9. Don’t Wear the Same Style For Long-Time

It can be attractive and appealing to wear the straight-hair style for a long time. Nevertheless, you spend a lot of effort and time to get it against your hair’s nature and texture.

But it is not good to wear the same style for more than weeks as it will disturb your naturals. On the other hand, it is not a healthy option for your hairs. Although you have the complete care routine and avoid hairs from humidity at some stages it creates troubles for your naturals.

Therefore, you need to do the proper cleansing of your hair’s maximum after two weeks of straightening to keep your hairs hydrated and in regular form. Moreover, you can change the style of your hairs after two weeks instead of keeping it natural. But not the same one.

10. Tooth Brush:

When you going to brush your hair then used a toothbrush all over the day. Extensive toothbrushes have longer, increasingly spread a distant tooth, which means they’re incredible at the run-through and won’t break your hair as without any problem. Retain an extensive toothbrush over in your car or purse for times when you want a fast hair repair that won’t bring about frizz.

11. Prefer Dry Shampoos:

It makes no difference that your straight look remains for a week or more, you need to do the proper cleansing of your hairs after this period. Therefore, dry shampoo is the best option to keep your scalps clean and save it from excessive oils.

However, don’t prefer to use the dry shampoo at the down of your hair’s length. It will create a dull look of your naturals. So, with the help of dry shampoo, you can enjoy the straight hairs for a long period without excessive oils and humidity.

12. Don’t Apply Heat Again And Again:

Once after getting the straighten or treatment, don’t use the heat tools on the hairs again and again. It can damage and destroy your natural hair. Moreover, there is no need to apply heat again after getting a good style or straightened.

In contrast, if you are keeping your hairs wrapped and banned then there is no need to style it again. You should not put more effort into the hairs simply brush your hairs and enjoy your flat-ironed look.


A good hair day is the dream of every girl. Mostly girls prefer to style their hair straight and natural. This post is great to keep them in style and to get guidance for straight hairs. Above all, by following these given tips you can keep your hairs straight for a long time. So, you can enjoy now a good hair day without any fear of loss and damage of your naturals.

A straight hairstyle is not excessively difficult to keep up if you now that the right techniques and methods. After using certain of the instructions referenced here and discovering which systems work the good for you, straight hair that remains as such for the whole day and last it’s turned into a truth.