How To Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes At Home

To avoid the hassle that lipstick stains bring along with them, some tips can help in getting rid of them within a blink of an eye. These are the best ways how to remove lipstick stains from clothes at home which we found very useful. These tips will help you in saving your shirt from going to waste. Also, you do not need to go to the dry cleaners or any other shops to get rid of them. You can do this at home because the things which are required to remove these lipstick stains are already at your place.

Lipstick is, no doubt, a must for the majority of women. Even those women, who prefer a no-makeup look most of the time, keep lipstick in their bags just in case. Although lipstick makes you look lustrous, beautiful lipstick stains are ugly and too stubborn to leave your clothes once they are engraved on them. They may pop up your make up and make you look attractive, but once they leave a stain on your clothes, they do not look appealing at all. Lipsticks are composed of some waxy components and dyes that is why their stains are quite hard to get rid of.

8 Ways On How to Remove Lipstick Stains From Clothes at Home

1. Dish Soap:

One of the easiest ways to remove lipstick stains from clothes at home is by using a bar of dish soap. The best thing about a bar of dish soap is that it will not mess with the color of the fabric. Bleach or other similar products may be useful when it comes to stain removal, but they also destroy the color of the clothes. That is why dish soap is the safest choice. One thing that makes it difficult for a lipstick stain to leave your clothes is the fatty oils. To get rid of it, you have to find a soap that especially fights these kinds of oil or grease.

  • Put your stained shirt or piece of clothing on a paper towel.
  • Dab that stains with soap without water and let it be for 10 minutes.
  •  Now take the most paper towels at room temperature and gently rub the stained area.
  • The paper towel underneath your shirt will absorb the water. In case that towel absorbs the lipstick stain, swap it. Otherwise, it will spread the stain to other parts of your shirt or cloth.
  • After doing it, wash your shirt and check if the stain is gone or not.
  • You can repeat the process to get better results.

2. Hairspray:

You may have never heard about it, but hairsprays are quite effective in removing the lipstick stains, which are very hard to get rid of otherwise. Hairsprays contain an adequate amount of alcohol, which plays a primary role in removing the greasy stains. With the help of your hairspray, you can remove the lipstick stain from clothes at home.

  • First, take the hairspray and spray it directly on the stain.
  • Let it rest for almost 15 to 20 minutes.  
  • Now take a wet cloth and gently dab the stain.
  • The stain will be gone, and your shirt will be bright as new again.

3. Toothpaste

Another effective way that helps to remove the lipstick stain from clothes at home is by using toothpaste. Toothpaste doesn’t just help in whitening your teeth and helps you in fine fighting cavities, but it also comes in handy when a lipstick stain attacks your shirt.

  • In the first step, use a plastic knife or a spoon to step off as much stain as you can from your cloth.
  •  Now take a piece of cloth and put some toothpaste on it.
  • Start rubbing this toothpaste gently on the stain.
  •  After some instant, you will see that the stain will be gone.

4. Rubbing alcohol:

If you do not want to use your hairspray or any other home remedy for cleaning out the lipstick stains, you can directly clean it with the rubbing alcohol.

  • Clean the stain with warm water.
  • Take a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and dip it in alcohol.
  • Rub the stain gently with the alcohol. 
  • The stain will be gone after one attempt. If not, then you can repeat the process.

5. Baking Soda:

There is one other way through which it is possible to remove the lipstick stains from the shirt. This method is all about using baking soda in the right way. It is said that if there is a stain that cannot be removed with anything else then it will be removed with baking soda. The ingredients of baking soda make it extremely effective in removing all kind of stains including a lipstick stain.

Just follow this very simple procedure and after a while, the lipstick stain will be no more.

Take a cotton bud and dip it in baking soda. Make sure that the baking soda is in liquid form. The next step is leaving your shirt with lipstick stain for a night. Wash the shirt gently after waking up in the morning and you will see that the lipstick stain is gone.

A solvent like (CH3)2CO:

Organic solvents (like CH3)2CO) can be a major resource with regards to expelling stains from waxier lipsticks, they are come to removing a large number of the plastic exacerbates that can give some lipsticks this excellence (for a show of this, put a piece of Styrofoam in CH3)2CO it would break down quickly.) Acetone is alright for every single regular synthetics and fiber; however, it can make colors to drain.

  • Note that (CH3)2CO is most broadly available as to remover for nail polish. If anyone needs to use corporate nail clean remover as a stain remover, make certain to use the nearest collection to pure CH3)2CO accessible that does exclude included colors.

6. Using Shaving Cream:

Shaving cream is a good product in your house which can be useful to take away lipstick marks from your dress. It behaves similar to a pre-wash once you scrub it into the mark.

Once you rub on the shaving cream to the lipstick mark, and then wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Later that washes the clothes.

Before it you place the clothes in the dryer machine, first, you need to check for making sure the lipstick mark is moved out. If the lipstick mark remains, then you need to repeat the procedure until you remove the lipstick mark.

7. Using Liquid Detergent:

Start with the scratching of the spare lipstick by the blunted edge of a dull table knife. Use the small quantity of liquid laundry prewash or detergent mark remover directly to the damaged part.

Make sure to spread over the detergent to both borders of the mark. Grasp the marked area above running. You need to keep away from rubbing the mark because it’s further damage your clothes. Instead, lightly blot or dab the lipstick mark.

8. Ammonia:

Last but not least, ammonia is another fantastic way that helps in removing lipstick stains from clothes at home. Ammonia is readily available at the nearest stores. You have to follow some simple steps to fight the lipstick stains.

  • Before applying ammonia to the stain, wash it gently with warm plain water. 
  • Now take a cotton ball or a piece of cloth and dip it into ammonia.
  • Gently rub the stain with it. 
  • After some time, you’ll observe that the stain starts to fade away.

Special Care for Hard Lipstick stain:

Marks lipstick stains rank high among the most-hard to-evacuate category. The reason is that they are not only splendidly hued, yet as well oil-based. The way to treating lipstick a stain is to act quickly, whether your stain has had some an opportunity to set, you’re not stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  • Created from long stretches of clothing know-how, Stream Ultra OXI high competence liquid detergent battles oil stains with its implicit proteins and pre-theatres to help spare your top picks from a wanderer lipstick mark. Simply abstain from drying the clothing till you agree that the mark has split, as the warmth will probably set the stain for all time.

Can cleaners evacuate lipstick stains?

Off course! Local Cleaners are available to help you, giving the piece of clothing can be laundered. Pause for a minute to expel strong particles from the piece of clothing as defined above, and afterwards get it to the laundry a.s.a.p. The small-time required the stain to set, the well. Ensure you bring up the stain to your laundry before they begin.


These simple ways to remove lipstick stains from clothes at home don’t just help you in getting rid of these stains within a few minutes, but they also save you from spending extra money on dry cleaners. All of these methods are highly effective, and they will not damage the fabric of your clothes at all. Who needs to go to expensive shops to get rid of the stains that can be taken care of at home? Use these methods if you want to save your time and money and get rid of the dye in one go.

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