Too Faced Tutti Frutti Collection Haul | EmmyWritesAbout

Welcome to Emmy Writes About I am addicted to Too Faced. Honestly Too Faced has become my favourite brand, my collection just keeps growing. I saw them mention the Tutti Frutti Collection on Instagram and loved the look of so many of the products. The packaging stood out and I knew I needed to get my hands on this range. I thought I would share with you which items I picked up and my initial thoughts.

Tutti Frutti Dew You Setting Spray | £25.00 | Link

I use setting sprays most days, mainly to stop my makeup looking as powdery. I also have to powder as I have an oily t zone but I find using a setting spray helps it all to look less powdery. I have to admit I did try the Peaches and Cream Setting Spray they did but wasn’t a huge fan as it often left white marks but this spray I love. It has a totally different formula and has a very light watermelon scent to it.

Tutti Frutti Dew You Foundation | £27.00 | Link

Too Faced foundations are amazing. My favourite is the Peaches and Cream one, the finish is beyond flawless and makes my skin look healthy. I will admit the shades in the Tutti Frutti Foundation are more accurate compared to the Peaches and Cream one which runs darker. I can use the Dew You one to match my pale skin. I find it works well on my oily t zone and normal skin everywhere else. I am still trying it out so will review in depth soon.

Tutti Frutti It’s Bananas Brightening Setting Powder | £25.00 | Link

How cute is this! The packaging and the bananas inside the powder are adorable. When ordering I was unsure on buying this as I didn’t know how yellow it would be. Most banana powders show up yellow and I mean really yellow on my skin because I am pale but this powder is perfect. It has the slightest hint of yellow without being overpowering. 

Tutti Frutti Fruit Cocktail Blush Duo’s | £25.00 | Link

I adore the packaging of this range, it is such high quality and doesn’t feel cheap at all but has a fun factor to it. The blushers are gorgeous. They have a highlighter side and a blush side but are designed to be mixed together. Apricot is my favourite, it gives such a gorgeous flush of colour. These blushers do have shimmer but they don’t look glittery and they aren’t massively pigmented which I love as it means you can build them up.