A Trip To Disneyland Paris | EmmyWritesAbout

Ever since I can remember I have always dreamed of going to Disneyland Paris. I have been a huge fan of Disney since I was young. I have always loved the films and even as I have got older I still adore Disney just as much. It’s that feeling of happiness it brings and it brings you back to your childhood days of when everything was simple. If I am sad I watch a Disney film, if I am ill I watch a Disney film, it always makes things better. Disneyland Paris has always been on my list of places to go and in September we finally went!

We were staying in Paris for four days and planned to go to Disneyland for one of them. You can read about My Trip To Paris Here for more details and where we went. When booking Disneyland Paris we booked them online before we went. We booked to go to both parks including Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. When you buy the ticket you can go on any day of your trip which is handy. It gives you around a 3 month period to use your ticket. It cost us around £60.00 each for both parks. We went on a Friday. We chose to get the tickets posted out to us rather than pick them up at the park. They arrived within 7 days. When the tickets arrived I did get a little nervous as both tickets had my name only on and not my partners but I checked with Disneyland on Twitter and they confirmed this is fine. 

If you don’t like rides I wouldn’t recommend getting a ticket for the Walt Disney Studios as this just has rides.

We stayed in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris and decided to get the metro/train to Disneyland as it was easier for us. We used the Paris Metro App to tell us where we needed to go. This app saved so much time on our trip as we knew exactly where to go. It took an hour from hotel to get to Disneyland and we had to change in two metro stations and then it was a normal train for the rest of the journey. The station is right in Disney too.

It didn’t take long to get into the park at all. You can go in and out of them as you use the same ticket and don’t need to get a stamp or anything. I downloaded the Disneyland Paris App which someone recommended to me and it helped so much as it told you the queuing time for each ride or attraction. We spent the morning in the Disneyland Park and then went into Walt Disney Studios Park for a few hours and then back into the normal park. They are literally a two minute walk from each other. There are shops everywhere selling different items. I knew I wanted to add to my snow globe collection and they had two shops at the entrance of the Disneyland Park that sold these. The sweet treats were yummy. 

When we were there they were celebrating 25 years. The parade started at 5.30pm and everyone started to get a seat on the front an hour before if you wanted to be at the front. We decided to sit down at this time as my pain wasn’t great and needed a rest. We were so happy we sat at the front early as it got heaving and many people were disappointed they weren’t able to get to the front. The parade was so much better than I expected. 

We stayed late to watch the fireworks at 8pm. We ended up being there 12 hours! Ashley said if he hears one more Disney song he will got loopy haha! The fireworks were insane and I highly recommend you stay for them. They show clips from the Disney Films on the castle and play music to match along with the fireworks. It has to be the most magical thing I have seen.

Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris?