Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Review And Swatches | EmmyWritesAbout

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks have become my ultimate favourite lipstick formulas by far. They beat any high end brand I have tried. They have six different finishes from Matte, Mega Matte, Sheer, Sheer Shimmer, Cream and Metallized. I own three of the finishes and I adore them all. I bet you are wondering what makes these lipsticks stand out from High End Brands like MAC?

I have two of the Cream finishes, one Matte and one Mega Matte. The amount of shades available is insane, there is definitely something for everyone in every finish possible. I do suffer with dry lips and find most matte products far too drying and I can’t wear them but I was intrigued by the Matte and Mega Matte range.

The Matte and Mega Matte formula is similar, of course the mega matte one is a little more matte but I was surprised both are extremely comfortable to wear. You can’t really feel anything when wearing them. What impressed me the most about the Mega Matte formula is that I have worn this for around 8 hours and had a drink, eaten food and this stayed put!! I didn’t need to re apply or anything. Now to me that is shocking for a lipstick and impressed me massively.

Moving onto the Cream Formula, this is just super creamy and buttery. They are extremely pigmented and very easy to re apply. I find all of the finishes easy to re apply. The cream formula is perfect if you want a lipstick that you can apply within seconds. I never wear a lip liner with these as I don’t feel I need to.

Oblivion – Mega Matte – This shade has a purple/grey undertone to it. I love grey tones especially in the Winter. The only thing to think about with this shade is that it can make your teeth look slightly yellow if they aren’t very white.

Native – Cream – A girly pink. I like how this is pinky but not too bright. It is a perfect shade for Spring and Summer.

Backtalk – Comfort Matte – A mauve shade. This is such a pretty shade.

Interrogate – Cream – A Peachy shade with an orange undertone.

The Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks retail for £15.50 which is such a good price considering they are better and much more long lasting than most lipsticks. I have purchased all of mine from the UK Urban Decay Website.