Best Massage Oil Warmers for Salon

Do you know what kind of massage oil warmers are best for your salon?

A massage oil warmer is extremely important for any masseuse or salon that wants to give the best experience. Warm oil is comfortable to use, plus your client will start to feel the effects of the massage.

What is a massage oil warmer/heater?

This is a special device designed to heat lotion, oil or cream at a constant temperature. Most of them are electric, lightweight, easy to use and compact. The oil will be heated safely and evenly.

After reaching a certain temperature, the warmer will automatically shut off only to resume when the temperature drops down.

They are perfect for a massage therapist or any business such as salon and spa that deals with a massage. They have a wide mouth that accommodates a whole bottle.

To reduce the risk of under heating or overheating, a spa oil warmer will come with various temperature levels plus indicator to show when the machine is on.

How to use a massage oil Heater

If you are wondering how to use a massage oil heater, keep reading. It has a simple process that will not take a lot of your time.

Depending on the warmer that you are using, some require water to transfer heat while others do not need it. Connect it to a source of power and put your bottle with oil in it. Do not forget to switch on the warmer so it can heat the oil.

The warmer will evenly heat the oil and once the desired temperature is achieved, it will automatically shut off.

Features of the Best Electrical Massage oil Heaters

If you are planning to buy a warmer, make sure to check for the following features:

  • Its slim and compact
  • On and off switch
  • Warmer automatically switch off when the desired temperature is achieved
  • CE certified
  • Takes less time to heat the oil
  • Operate quietly, no noise is emitted when heating oil
  • Keeps constant temperature
  • Is high-quality
  • Comes with various adjustable temperatures
  • Comes with an indicator light
  • Comes with an opening that can accommodate a whole bottle oil
  • Comes with warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Some warmers will be stylish which will complement your salon décor
  • Others come with bottles to put your massage oil

Easy to use

Buy a warmer that is easy to use. You do not want to be stuck with a device that gives you a hard time when using or take forever to warm your oil. It should be easy to clean too. Oil spillage are unavoidable accident that happens in the salon.

High-quality oil heater

Heat relaxes muscles and joints and your customers will be happy to feel the sensation of warm oil hitting their skins.  Buy an oil heater that will help achieve this kind of relaxation. Some of the renowned massage oil warmer brands include master massage, Omwah massage and Therapist’s choice.

 Temperature settings

It is very important that you buy an oil warmer with various settings. You will be able to choose how warm your oil should be. You do not want your oil to overheat and risk burning your clients when massaging them.

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