Tips On How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Mascara!!!

If you want your eyes to look bigger than they are so in this article we are going to tell you How to make your eyes look bigger with Mascara!!!

There is nothing more beautiful than very large eyes, with brightness and vivacity. Unfortunately, Nature is not always generous, giving us eyes that are not exactly ideal. If you want your eyes to look bigger than they are, there are several ways to achieve this! 

Tips On How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Mascara!!!

Do not put mascara around the entire eye

You do not have to put mascara around the entire eye. By doing this, your eyes will appear even smaller, as the outline is well defined. For the same reason, avoid the smoky eye effect. This is not all bad: small eyes can be mysterious and dramatic, but this is not the effect you want.

When applying mascara to the bottom of the eyes, apply it just below the eye contour, not over it. So your eyes get a few millimeters more. Be careful not to let the scratch go to the inner corner of the eye.

Another trick is to pass a white or light-colored pencil right over the eye contour line. This will make your eyes look bigger, but don’t overdo it!

Pass the mascara beyond the outer corner of your eyes

You have to pass the mascara beyond the outer corner of your eyes. The line should have the tip slightly upwards as if it were a very long lash. So yours, eyes will look bigger. Such a technique needs to be done carefully. If the mascara is not applied symmetrically, it can give the impression that your eyes are crooked. Pass the mascara in front of the mirror or with the help of a friend until you get the hang of it.

Apply mascara to the inner corner of your eyes

You need to apply the mascara at the inner corner of your eyes. This trick makes the eyes appear brighter, giving the impression that they are bigger. But be careful not to choose one that is too black and thick, as it can get too dramatic. Prefer softer and more discreet black mascara. You can also apply the eye shadow on the lower lash line.

Invest in Good Mascara:

I never go out without mascara, lipstick and eye shadow. In any case, mascara, never under any circumstance, ever. Nothing highlights the eyes above a couple of swipes of incredible mascara.

It’s significant to choose great mascara. I sometimes go for more drama at night with a super thickening formula and stick by basic lengthening mascara for daytime.

I have confidence in putting resources into good mascara, but if anyone has not much budget, in that condition you can choose decent mascara from the store.

Keep Your Brows Manicured:

You’d be surprised at how can manicure brows change your face. I have witnessed it with such huge numbers of ladies. They consider their brows are fine although they never get them waxed or tweezed. Maybe they are anxious about over-tweezing or they are uncertain of what shape is directly for their eyes. They do not understand how great they can look until I persuade them to complete their brow.

It’s maybe my single most significant guidance to you: Get them to an expert for tweezing, waxing, or stringing and afterward keep it up using contact-ups through your specific tweezers by way of following the “map” they make.

Can I Wear Mascara above the false lashes?

Indeed, you can, you have to put on mascara over the false eyelashes to create them look natural and prominent. To start with, remove your false eyelashes, and in shape them out (if you have to fix the length, at that point you can trim the lashes as per your necessities). At that point, with the help of tweezers, now hold your eyelashes and you need to apply glue (which accompanies the pack of false eyelashes, don’t have any significant bearing some other regular glue).

You can easily apply glue by using a Q-tip, that will make things simpler for you and then you can just apply the clingy glue without making any chaos.

Currently, when you are finished using the sticking procedure, sit and wait for 20 to 30 seconds so the paste can turn out to be some extent dry, presently it’s an ideal opportunity to apply the eyelashes above to your eyelid. Be alert with this phase, apply the eyelashes with the assistance of tweezers and carefully press them hard against your top so they can superbly be connected.

At that point sit and wait like 4 to 5 seconds until the paste dry and lashes superbly stand by to the eyes. After that, you apply your mascara above your eyelashes no problem at all. Moreover, spread the undesirable mess of glue by using a liner.

These easy methods can just make you ready to do your makeup like an ace. You can without much of a stretch do your whole cosmetics procedure on if you know the methods of use


There are a few warnings that you have to keep in mind after using mascara on your eyes to make them look bigger. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Don’t keep opening your eyes as much as possible as this will make you look scared.
  • If you decide to open your eyes as much as possible, try not to do the same with your nostrils. You will look weird.

Other Tips

Females with big eyes are very blessed, as big eyes are one of the greatest weapons for seduction, giving those who have them an exotic and mysterious look. It is quite easy to apply makeup to make your eyes look bigger, it is only necessary to take into account some tips.

You should help further enhance the appeal of your eyes and achieve perfect harmony and balance with your other facial features. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your eyes, don’t miss the tips mentioned below:

  • If you don’t have long perfect lashes naturally, then you need to curl your upper lashes before applying mascara to open your eyes wider. A nice tip is to heat the eyelash curler for 5 seconds with the help of a hairdryer. Make sure it’s not too hot before curling your upper lashes. Then apply mascara. If you want to lengthen the shape of your eyes, you can apply black eyeliner to the edge of the upper eyelid.
  • Many makeup experts say you should avoid mascara on your lower lashes because they close your eyes. This is true for some women, but not for others, mascara and liner on the lower lashes can make a dramatic difference. We advise you, try it for yourself and see how it fits you.
  • To apply mascara to the lower lashes, hold the brush vertically, then move back and forth. If you use eyeliner on the lower lashes, try an eyeliner pencil, which tends to be softer. Smudge the line with your finger to make it look more natural than a straight line. You can also make use of a shadow along the lower lashes to get an enhanced look.
  • False eyelashes are exotic, gorgeous and can look natural if applied correctly. Nowadays, helping you using false eyelashes is completely acceptable when it comes to an occasion when you don’t want your eyes to go unnoticed. You might be able to find false eyelashes in the pharmacies or cosmetic shops. They are too long, but you can easily cut them with the help of scissor.
  • The effect that a little illuminator has on your eyes is incredible. This is an old beauty secret from makeup specialists and if you look closely at the celebrity photos on the red carpets you can see the shadow of light in the inner corner of the eyes. For a seductive look, you can use a creamy beige eyeliner on the lower lids.
  • A highlighter spot along the brow bone just below the brow and blend can also tap at the bottom of the eye and even above the brow. Blur the lines with a fingertip.
  • Well-groomed eyebrows can transform your face. Many women think that their eyebrows are fine and therefore they have never been waxed or waxed. Maybe out of fear. But in reality, they don’t realize how much better they could be with well-made eyebrows. Do this with proficiency or get help from an expert.


Women across the globe want to have bigger eyes. However, each person has eyes of a particular shape and size. It does not matter what the size or shape of your eyes are, you can make them look bigger and prettier by just using mascara. All you need to do is to follow the techniques and tips we have mentioned above in this article on how to make your eyes look bigger with mascara.

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