How To Reduce Frizz After Straightening Natural Hair (Pro Tips)

There is a problem to stay away from the dryness that is the cause of frizziness, for the purpose how to reduce frizz after straightening natural hair should use those conditioners and shampoos that consist of smoothing and also they have the functions to put away the hair from frizz.

These entire products that using will provide the additional moisture to hairs and also these products avoid the hairs to become dry. To prevent frizz one should use those conditioners in which include glycerin and other ingredients that are hydration such as oil and Shea butter. Apply the conditioner carefully and later on wash the hairs completely with the water.

After straightening the hair should not use a shampoo with sulfates this will be hydrate hairs that are opposite of want to keep the hairs moisture. So find those that have glycerin in its ingredients which help to prevent hair from frizz by hydrating hairs. After straightening the hair there should be the time of iron the hairs is also a way to prevent the hairs from the frizz.

Methods to Reduce Frizz After Straightening Natural Hair

1.Good conditioner and shampoo:

Most shampoo and conditioner are made of today with a large number of sulfates, which will cause of dehydrating hairs which will cause of fizz hair. So chose those shampoo and conditioner which has less amount of sulfates as well as made with glycerin which absorbs extra moisturize that exists in the air and also makes coat around hair which prevents hair from frizz.

We have recently curated a list of 10 best shampoo and conditioner for keratin-treated hair with its detailed guide so you can have a look at that to choose the best product for your hair. 

2. Use hair iron :

 By using the hair iron straight hairs and make the different hairstyle. Also, minimize the heat of the iron and should the time to keep iron on hairs. First, check the heat of iron before used to make the hairstyle. Used the hair iron for straight the hair and not fix the iron at one place on the hair too long.

To prevent the hair from the frizz one should straight the hair more than one or two times within a month. If the hair is strong than a different hairstyle can be made within the months. The flat iron is the best technique to keep the hair straight. The class of products plays an important role in how much they get iron hot, which is harmful to hairs so buy that product which belongs to the good company as well as good reviews.

3. Stay away from hard hair brushing:

Another method is to prevent the hair from the frizzy is don’t brush hairs very hardly. If one has the hair dry and frizzy should avoid the hairs from hard brushing. Hardly brush can harm the hair which will cause hair loss. Use fingers slowly to spread the oil in the hairs.

When the hairs get dry well the little amount of oil is used to moisturize the hairs which will make the hair smooth after straight the hairs. After straight oil used regularly make hair smooth and straight, and prevent the hairs from the frizz.

 4. Dry the hairs without hairdryer:

After straightening the hair usually, people use the hairdryer it will make the hair dry so fast. It is not a good way to keep hair straight to prevent hair from frizzy. This is not good for the health of the hairs and also a not good technique to get a ride from the frizzy hair. So this is necessary to dry the hairs naturally. Even use the fast speed fan for this purpose. This method will take a lot of time but it will prevent the hair’s frizzy hair and hair fall. And also prevent the hair from breakage.

5.Wash hair with cool water:  

There is much reason for the cause of frizzy hair in which one is that different chemicals are included in hair products. The other cause of frizzy hair is heat that is provided by the sun which damages the hair.

The other reason is hot water that is used to wash the hair also causes damages to the hair. So avoid the hot water to wash the hair used cool water to wash the hairs. The hot water not only damaged the hair but also harmful to the scalp.

6.Worry about ends of hair:

The other method to prevent hairs from frizzy after straightening is to think and care about the end of the hairs which is the part of the hair that easily can be damaged.

So for this part of the hair, a good conditioner should be used the prevent the end of hair from dryness and frizzy and if there is much-damaged hair on the end of hairs it should be cut. It is better to get a ride from the frizzy as well as good for the health of hairs. Note that this will be good for the length of hairs with no frizzy hairs at the end.  

The hair mask is also necessary for hairs:

At the end of the week used different treatments for hair to get a ride from the frizzy firstly wash hairs with cool water which helps to make the hairs wet. There is a different hair mask that will be used for making the hairs stronger and wet which are the following:

 The hair mask of avocado is also a very useful mixture to prevent the hairs from the frizzy hair. There is a large amount of vitamin E in the avocado which is very useful for getting a ride from the frizz. On the other hand, there is also a great number of fatty acids that are used to make the hair smooth. Used the avocado with the different things and can apply it to hairs such as mix the avocado with the olive oil and apply it to the hairs which will help the hairs to become smooth. When this mixture is applied to the hairs and let it remains on the hairs for an hour and later that wash the hairs with cool water.

  • Used apple vinegar hair mask:

This is also another solution to get a ride from frizz hair and stop the frizzy hair is apple vinegar which is a very effective element. The apple vinegar is used to make hair smooth with prevention from the frizz. Take the two teaspoons of apple vinegar and add water in its which will reduce the acid effect of vinegar. And apply this mixture to the hairs after washing hairs with cool water, this will make the hair shiny and provide prevention from frizz hair.

Use of beer:

Beer is also a good method of how to prevent hair from frizzy hair after straightening hairs. Beer consists of a lot of natural nutrients, vitamins, which help to keep the hairs moisture, And these entire nutrients are necessary for the growth of hairs. So after the straightening, the hairs wash hairs with the beer, and apply it for some time on the hair and later that wash the hairs with cold water. 

Detangling product and serum:

This product used in the way that sprays it on the hands and rubs both hand with each other, apply it those part of the hairs which are damaged. This detangling reduces the frizzy of hairs. The straightening serum is also used on the brush this brush slowly moved down on the hairs which reduce the frizzy. Stay away from brushing dry hair which will also generate the frizz. Similarly used a different serum that is applied on the hairs, take a few drops of serum in hands apply thoroughly on the hairs.

Hair spray:

Different spray that used to protect hair from heat which caused the hair becomes to frizz. These hairs spray easily available in the market at a reasonable price. They help to reduce frizz hair without damaging. Chose that product that has the ingredients related to hair as well as make the hair smooth and keep them moisturized. These products also prevent hair from the sunlight which is harmful to the hair and damage the hair.

Avoid the use of hard regular towel:

When washing the hair after that don’t use the wrong towel which may be caused the hair break which will be the cause of hair damage. With the use of a hand towel which also caused by hair frizz do carefully chose the towel after straightening the hair.

Firstly try hair dry with the natural way and if used the towel than a smooth towel is used to dry the hairs. The smooth towel also reduces the swelling that occurs in hair which is caused by dry and frizzy hair.  


Frizzy hair is the most common problem that exists in the girl’s hair. Heat and some other reasons exist that cause damage to the hair. Many techniques are used to reduce frizz hair after straightening natural hair, that should be applied to prevent the hair from damage.

Firstly should apply the good conditioner that maintains straightness of hair and also should be careful of the ends of the hair which also caused of frizzy hair, there is also some other way that should apply to maintain the straight hair they are necessary after straightening the hair and prevent from frizz hair. Avoid from wash hair from hot water and should use cool water for washing hair which is the best way to maintain straightness of hair.

I hope now you have a solution for your most searched question i.e. How to reduce frizz after straightening natural hair and if yes feel free to comment down your favorite tip in the comment section down below.

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