What Is Irn Bru And What Does Irn Bru Taste Like? 

At first glance, the name of the product known as Irn Bru seems weird and one wonders what it is and how to pronounce the name. Looking at it a bit more closely, it soon becomes apparent that Irn Bru is pronounced “Iron Brew,” and then things start to make sense.

Irn Bru is a bright orange fizzy drink that is the most popular and top-selling soft drink in Scotland’s and it tastes like other citrus-flavored sodas, but it has an interesting ginger kick.

Robert Barr, a Scottish pharmacist first produced Irn Bru, a carbonated drink, in 1901 and it has since grown to become one of Scotland’s national treasures. Nowadays, the drink is produced in traditional breweries by AG Barr.

Generations have fallen in love with its distinctive taste and it has over the years built up a cult following across the globe.

The brand was originally launched as ‘Scotland’s other National Drink’ and it is deeply rooted in Scottish culture.

Its unique tangy flavor differentiates it from other carbonated drinks available on the market. Some describe the flavor as being reminiscent of blackcurrant cordial or bubble gum mixed with hints of citrus like grapefruit and fresh oranges.

At only 4,7 grams of sugar per 330ml can, Irn Bru contains less than most other soft drinks, making it a much healthier drink than its competition.

Nutritional Facts 

Since Irn Bru was launched more than a century ago, it has become one of Scotland’s most iconic exports and drinks. The popular soft drink comes in a glass container that is very well known for its eye-catching deep orange color and iconic swigging gesture.

Containing only a few ingredients, Irn Bru’s unique taste has managed to stand the test of time. This is partly due to the drink’s reputation as a cure for hangovers and as an energy-boosting drink. This has helped it sustain its popularity for more than a century.

There are only four ingredients in Irn Bru: sugar (sucrose), carbonated water, flavorings, and salt. Irn Bru’s caffeine content is relatively low and it only contains around a third of caffeine found in a cup of tea or coffee.

The sugar content is less than half of that typically seen in any other popular soft drinks like coca-cola, with slightly more than 50% of it being sucrose.

What Does It Taste Like?

Irn Bru is fairly sweet and the flavor is dominated by blackcurrant. This makes it an excellent choice for mixing with other flavors such as ginger ale or lemonade to create your own unique soda.

People tasting Irn Bru say it tastes like blackcurrant and orange, while others describe weird and wonderful flavours such as “a sweet version of Listerine” or even “bubble gum that fizzles” and “fizzy unicorn tears”.

Irn Bru also tastes good when it is mixed with other soft drinks such as ginger ale or root beer, as drinking this makes the taste magic for your taste buds. Some even use it as a mixer for whiskey.

On St. Patrick’s Day Try, Irn Bru Fans even mix Irish cream liqueur and Irn Bru in equal parts and serve this on ice and say the Scottish carbonated soft drink tastes magic served like this.

How is Irn Bru Drunk?

Irn Bru can be drunk in many different ways.

It can be mixed with ginger ale, orange juice, plain water, or any carbonated drink to enjoy its fizzy goodness.

One of the easiest ways to drink it is in a glass filled with ice, with drink mixers such as Tabasco sauce or lemon juice added and stirred.

Irn Bru is enjoyed traditionally by pouring it over crushed ice in a tall iced tea goblet or an old-fashioned highball glass.

Where is Irn Bru Sold?

Irn Bru, a refreshing, delicious beverage that has been made in Scotland since 1901, and Irn Bru fans can nowadays buy it at several places.

The original Irn Bru was sold in a green can with a tartan label design and this is still available throughout Scotland. Some stores in England, like Waitrose and Tesco also sell Irn Bru.

Although Irn Bru for Kids in its striking orange packaging was previously only available in supermarkets, it can now also be found at convenience stores such as Costcutter and Spar.

Irn Bru is also available in clear cans in various flavors, such as Smooth Orange & Cream (blue), Irn Bru Lightly Sparkling (pink), and Diet Irn Bru (orange).


Irn Bru is Scotland’s national drink that was launched more than 120 years ago and is manufactured by AG Barr.

It is still marketed under the tagline “Scotland’s other national drink, full of vitamins” and was originally created as an iron tonic.

Give it a try – you may be pleasantly surprised by the definitive Irn Bru taste of this delicious beverage.

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